Picture of Cool single shot
Well, BD wanted to see a few pics, and I'm not sure how many pictures you can put in comments, so I did this.
It shoots mainly Canadammo, though it can shoot Oodammo. I just prefer Canadammo for this.
This is what it was originally based off, so people who don't read the intro to the video know.

The gun in the video is slightly old. There's been a couple not-too-important changes since then.

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cool, I did something simalar a while back as well, heres a free pic!
essentially it was just a FSSG that had been stripped down to the bare bones =P
travw (author)  Fred the Penguin5 years ago
Yep, saw it. Not a fan of the really wide handle though. I like mine. Then again, you probably like your's better than mine too, so it really doesn't matter. =)
never was a problem for me, my mates laughed at this, their laughter did not last for long....
travw (author)  Fred the Penguin5 years ago
I have small hands for my age, though. And I'm only 13. So..... Nobighandlesforme.
ok, I have rather big hands for my age, and I'm 15 so.....bighandsforme.
travw (author)  Fred the Penguin5 years ago
Yep, that's kinda what I figured. Pic of my right hand, just for the heck of it:

travw (author)  Fred the Penguin5 years ago
Yep. Quitesmallindeed.Ialsohappentohavesmallfeet.
ihavebiggfeeti'msize13 =P
travw (author)  Fred the Penguin5 years ago
travw (author)  Millawi Legend5 years ago
cj81499 travw5 years ago
omg im 10 and im size 5! mah friend is size 7
travw (author)  cj814995 years ago
Yeahyeahyeah. I know. I got my tiny feet from my dad. He wears size 7.5-8.
But, I have really good balance, especially considering the size of my feet.
cj81499 travw5 years ago
my friendz balance sukz kinda but mine rokz
i wear a size 8 in mens
Oblivitus travw5 years ago
My hands are a gray rod long. That's a really odd way to compare hand size, but it works... lol.
Mine are as well. A bit longer, though.
travw (author)  Oblivitus5 years ago
LOL. Yeah, it's just the first thing around me I knew everyone would know the size of. So....
Kinetic5 years ago
 I bet you could put a turret on this
travw (author)  Kinetic5 years ago
You could, but then you might as well use a BR8.
Knarez5 years ago
Seriously, what you copied this off of was better, and is Mepain's.
travw (author)  Knarez5 years ago
I just prefer this. Using the white rod setup to get more power.
Knarez travw5 years ago
I made one with a white rod a while back, aswell. Also had a trigger that I could easily reach...

travw (author)  Knarez5 years ago
Hmmm. Nice. But I have no problems with the trigger placement.
DJ Radio Knarez5 years ago
He gives credit to Mepain in the video.
Storm9505 years ago
That is a blatent rip off of Mepain's War Rifle you cheeky sod!
travw (author)  Storm9505 years ago
I already said that it was based off his you illiterate sod!

I'm joking, but seriously, if you'd've read the intro in the video, you'd see that I gave him credit.
He gives credit to Mepain in the video.

Another thing I came up with and forgot?

travw (author)  I_am_Canadian5 years ago
Well, jollex named it. You just said you prefer it to oodammo with your BR.
Straight up do :-)

Yeah, i do like the stuff more than oodammo for larger guns.
travw (author)  I_am_Canadian5 years ago
Yeah, it's pretty cool. It's not quite as accurate, but it makes up for it in range, and pain.... =P
~KGB~5 years ago
its good...
DJ Radio5 years ago
What about the whole thing?
travw (author)  DJ Radio5 years ago
DJ Radio travw5 years ago

Seriously, I want a picture of the whole gun.
travw (author)  DJ Radio5 years ago
Ok, give me a bit.
ninjusk5 years ago
what is it
travw (author)  ninjusk5 years ago
Yellow rod+red connector. Watch the video.
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