Picture of Cool squishy eggs
Today we will make a  bouncy ball egg(s)

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The only materials you will need are 1 large egg, a glass and a bottle of vinegar.
Just awesome! Tried it and didn't know what to expect, but turned out great
Ummm, you said put the egg in VINEGAR. Wait a day or two, then remove the egg from WATER.
wow i love it
paul bunyan3 years ago
wow never would'a thought of that...
That's interesting! Can you eat it?
The egg is raw at the end of the experiment, But you can hard boil it (Or pop it and cook it any way you like) as it is. It will have a vinegar taste, but if you like vinegar it can be nice (The vinegar taste was a bit strong for me, But I added the egg to potato salad and the vinegar actually worked nicely with the potatoes)

If you do boil it, there is no need to peel it when it's cooked.

Vinegar eats away at calcium, what the vinegar has done to the egg is slowly and delicately eat away at the shell, The shell is no longer there, what is encasing the egg is the membrane that sits under the shell.

If the egg is a few weeks old it will pop very easily as the membrane is weaker. Fresh eggs work best.
if you want to .
XD awesome did it and bro didn't know wat it was so i stabbed it wit my knife and it litteraly EXPLODED (note was at my grandmas for about 4 days)
rrkrose3 years ago
One of my chickens actually laid an egg like that.
flamingice3 years ago
if you do just before you go to bed it will be squishy when you wake up
DAMAGE3333 years ago
if you drop this egg from approx 2.5 cm (1inch) it will bounce
whaley173 years ago
how long does it last
After the vinegar has dissolved the shell, take the squishy egg and put it in a bowl and cover it with water. Wait a few days and the egg will absorb the water and get HUGE. Fun times
famousguy3 years ago
This egg is very cool and
it's squishy.
dreamberry3 years ago
Soak the egg till soft, then light some paper on fire and drop the burning paper into a glass pop bottle and sit the softened egg on top. the egg gets sucked inside by science, and will harden eventually, the purpose of which is to perplex your friends over how you got the hard boiled egg in the bottle.
I say "WOW!"
famousguy3 years ago
Those eggs are cool. They pop quickly.
famousguy3 years ago
Really cool.
Hippymike963 years ago
Does it smell like vineger, if it does can you get rid of it?
yeah, ive heard about these b4, but i forgot about them till now. cool! i never knew how to make!!!
build523 years ago
I did that yours is a better instructable.
Do you hard boil the egg first ? or is it fresh?
mr.eli (author)  hfriedrichsen3 years ago
Nope just take it out of your fridge