Introduction: Cool Way to Make Paper Hat !


XavierArmstrong (author)2011-01-31

Wow! This is really cool and you have links to other cool stuff!

GorillazMiko (author)2008-02-05

Yayyyy, another awesome video!
I wish I was really good, then I could be able to do all of your stuff!

Anna Lee (author)GorillazMiko2009-11-11

Hi all, I am a new member of forum. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guys!!!


Kiteman (author)2008-02-06

That's nice - perfect to add more stuff to to make an Easter bonnet.

duecez42 (author)Kiteman2009-08-12

super freakin cool man

Oscelot (author)2008-06-06

very nice! I just watched the flower video and I'll have to give it a go!

I do want to suggest though, that you slow the video down a bit. it's incredibly fast.. and while they're relatively easy to follow when you *aren't* doing something, I imagine it's too fast to follow when you're trying to follow along with the tut.

either way though, great videos! I'll have to watch all of yours :)

Oscelot (author)Oscelot2008-06-06

Nevermind, I just realized that *everyones* are that fast. How very odd. You truly are the queen of paper.

duecez42 (author)Oscelot2009-08-12

i agree with u man that was super cool

potaderantor (author)2008-12-15

cool hat

peach_fart (author)2008-10-03

casey321b (author)2008-09-09

I could see some weird creepy person walking by in that hat...

casey321b (author)casey321b2008-09-09

but it is good

heavy.metal.nguyen (author)2008-02-21

Looks like a pimp hat!

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