Step 7: Assembly 3 and Placing

Time to fix the wheel to the cage.

I prefer doing this by using magnets from old HD, but you can do what's best for you according to the type of cage you have.

Fix one magnet on his metal base to one end of the wood board using the small wood screws. Again try not to crack the board when turning the screws. I use to make a small hole in the board to help inserting the screw.
<p>Nice idea. I'l try it . . .</p>
I got my inspiration from this, and replaced the really noisy ballbearing of my &quot;silent&quot; spinner with a new and better one.<br> The act of replacing the bearing is closer to rebuilding the whole housing from scratch though, so if it had been possible in my terrarium, I would have gone with your mounting method<br> <br>But now it truly is a silent spinner; I did a blind test, and I cannot hear if the wheel is spinning at a distance of about 30cm!<br>Even when I put it right next to my ear, the noise is just barely audible.<br>The annoying racket of my hamster running has been turned into really adorable sound of her tiny feet going like the wind.<br><br>Thank you :)
Thanks for the idea EmcySquare, I made one for my little winter white hamster as she was starting to get a little large for her 4' silent spinner. I really didn't want to spend another $20 on larger wheel. Shes in my bedroom next to the bed so a quite wheel is a must for me.<br><br>I didn't use the same mounting method though but drilled a hole in the center piece, took off the those locking clips, added texture lines and popped it onto the old wheels stand.
hey thanks. i used this and my hamster loves it. he found it hard to move the wheel so i drilled about 15 small holes, or 5 larger ones, into it and its perfect. sanding it helped, but it made it easier to move with the holes. thanks again! -Rye2121
now if u made it so it generated a bit of eletric to charge batterys then it would be cooler XD
I've seen such a project from MakeMagazine, but it only provided enough electricity to light up a led... The point is basically that all the power comes from the mouse muscles and a single mouse migh weight up to 15 grams... not much... ... of course you might thin of using BATTERIES of mice in parallel... ... ma parallel distributed mouse powered genreator... why not... ... based on this we might rewrite "The Matrix" !!
great now i have just imagined a field of towering matrix battery things with mouse wheels on instead of people bulbs -_-
that's a great job, and an amazing concept. At first I thought the magnets were for stopping the wheel for when you wanted to get sleep, but I imagine that's quite quiet.
Mice generally are more active at night (got great sense of smell and hearing but poor sight) thus they are far more likely to run at night. If you stop or remove the wheel at night it's like removing it at all... poor mice.. By the way, you can obviously also use light oil to prevent any friction and any remaining noise

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