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Introduction: Cooler Incubator

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The goal is to keep temp at 99-101
And in 21 days you will have chicks
Remember to rotate eggs daily
This is my incubator build
Goal was to be cheap as possible
Feb-5 will be when first group eggs will hatch we will see
I have 34 bucks in this build and slot of things I got for free by looking.
U will also need a bowl and sponge for water for the humidity

Step 1: Free Cooler

New or use
In my case was in the garbage so free

Step 2: Heat Lamps

2 heat lamp
Light plugs
What ever u can find
Mine were old heat lamps that were old and beat up.
Cost new were 10 bucks each.

Step 3: Fan

This was a fan out of a old directv box
Most people use a fan from a computer
Price was free.

Step 4: Therm/humity

9 bucks at walmart
I bought two to get a close better reading

Step 5: Egg Carton

Free from the store

Step 6: Bread Tray

Step 7: Cooler Prep

Cut two holes for the light fixtures to fit in.

Step 8: Light Wired

Slice two lights together tape for one plug
Lights are also wired up to the water heater thermos tic (which cost 15 bucks)
Light bulbs I went with are 40 watts

Step 9: View Window

Next cut out a view window to watch the eggs
I used a plastic window frame
Glass is held in with silicone

Step 10: Fan Setup

Next find a power source for the fan any 12v charger plug will work .
Decided not to use the fan even tho I hook it up

Step 11: Complete Cheap Incabutor

Temp flexes between 97-104
I'm sure better thermostat and better setup
Would work better stay to for more updates.
Most incubators sell around80-100
Please afl question and give better info were you think I should have done better

Step 12: Baby Chicks

3 out of 13

Step 13: Success

13 eggs
3-were duds
7- were fully delovope but didn't make it
3- did great month old
First time work great
Next time a few changes
1. Flip thermometer upside down for direct heat on sensor
2.make sure when u candle eggs don't flip upside down.
3. After day 14 don't messed with eggs no more let nature do the rest.
4.think a bottle or can would work better for the water I had problems keeping up the humidity this is why I think the other 7 didn't make it.



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    Here are some photos of the instructional pamphlet that came with the incubator they may help you

    26 H, 7:55 PM.jpg26 H, 7:55 PM.jpg26 H, 7:55 PM.jpg26 H, 7:55 PM.jpg26 H, 7:55 PM.jpg26 H, 7:55 PM.jpg26 H, 7:55 PM.jpg26 H, 7:55 PM.jpg26 H, 7:55 PM.jpg26 H, 7:55 PM.jpg26 H, 7:55 PM.jpg

    All the eggs in the second comment have all been fertilized and are in the new incubator I check them just yesterday and they all are in stage 1and to day is Only day five.i have them at 99.9 Fahrenheit and on the Rotator.

    26 H, 8:52 PM.jpg26 H, 8:52 PM.jpg

    No fancy lightbulb Here just one that I found On a Property that was about to be clear out .

    26 H, 8:44 PM.jpg26 H, 8:44 PM.jpg

    The only modifications to the cooler was the hole for the window and a hole l for the hot water heater timer switch and Then a couple of holes for the light fixture and two screws also for the light fixture I used an old Metal drawer cut up for the egg rack it Could probably use some chickenwire on top of it. I then put two containers of water at the bottom for humanity.

    26 H, 8:39 PM.jpg26 H, 8:39 PM.jpg

    For the one I built The only thing that I had built by was just the light plate probably 1.50 (Tractor supply )and 2 dimmer switches for a dollar at the flea market. And everything else I already had except for the window which I got for my neighbor that use to be a Clear draw from a Refrigerator . For the wiring the LiveWire or red Wire gos to the hot water heater timer then the dimmer switch then to the light Than the other wire or black wire then goes to the Other terminal on the light Fixture.

    Well I did not like how the hot water switch worked it would get to 102 Turn off then Wait till it got to 80 to Turn back I Bought a new one from tractor supply for $ 40 it dos not come with a Fan or Turner but they are sold separately. But my neighbor had an old egg turner they gave me it is Probably a little too fast but I am still going to give it a try.

    Give me some details what u have built and more. Pictures

    I am going use a dimmer switch on the next one

    This is my Egg incubator and eggs Wish me the best of luck.

    26 H, 5:00 PM.jpg26 H, 5:00 PM.jpg

    Would you recommend using a Dimmer switch