Picture of Cooler with Blender, Speaker & More

I started this project earlier this summer with one goal: have more fun outdoors by bringing my music and tasty blended drinks to the adventure.

I know first-hand how much fun it is to have a cooler with speakers, and a portable blender for margaritas and smoothies, because I built myself one of each almost ten years ago. I tried to bring them both to a party this year and got frustrated when I couldn't get the gas powered blender to start up and the old lead batteries for the stereo were dead.

Technology has come quite a ways since I built these toys, so I decided it was time for a remix. This one would be portable, reliable, and also tackle three other things that annoyed me about coolers.

I call it the COOLEST :)

I'll show you step-by-step how you can build a 'Coolest' of your own, or just improve your exiting cooler and add some or all of these features:

I launched a Kickstarter to bring this idea to life, which ends Christmas at midnight. You can check it out here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ryangrepper/the-coolest-cooler-with-blender-music-and-so-much

My original plan was to make this idea my first Instructable project, and I hope you like it. I've also decided to enter it in the Outdoor Projects Contest, so please vote for me if you think any of these cooler mods would improve your next outdoor adventure!

SharonM103 months ago
Where can i buy one of these

I got one off the kickstarter, but looks like they will go on sale in July. Here is the signup for it http://coolest.com/. Then again this is still technically in development so there could be delays. I am super excited for it.

How do we get the STL files?

Juan85751 year ago

what did you use for the upper housing for the blender. the housing you glued into the cooler

grepper (author)  Juan85751 year ago
3D printed part modeled off of the blender pitcher I had
FYI. The files for me to download for blue prints and template don't work. The only one that works is the one of the circle template

You could make the light turn off and on with a tilt switch


You can automate the light like a fridge to get it to turn off and on saving batteries via this 'ible


wilgubeast1 year ago

Super famous:


I just saw your Kickstart campaign as well and I too thought I saw your Instructable about it- congrats on the successful campaign! Happy to see our fellow makers and inventors kick it up a notch! *high five*

rsmith791 year ago

Just seen the Kickstart campaign, doing the rounds on facebook!
I thought to myself, Hang on, someones nicked an idea I'd seen on here - Good luck!

jexner1 year ago
Sweeeet! Ur a camping genius ;)
Deano19691 year ago

One Word... "Nice" :)

Please let me know when you start production on Coolest. I can think of at 20 vandwellers who would love this cooler.
grepper (author)  Homeofmyown1 year ago
You've got it! We're actually gearing up right now to re-launch our Kickstarter end of May. In fact I'll be sharing the new production design this next week and it is seriously the Coolest looking cooler ever. Add your email to www.coolectkickstarter.com and I'll keep you posted.

Thanks also for the idea of the Vandwellers market!
just curious I didn't see if you said it or not but how much did it cost and how long did it take you
brycej1 year ago
You might want to look at using an LED Infrared detection light like this one from Lee Valley Tools. I use one in my small bar fridge and it works great. The light comes on as soon as I open the door, no switch to push on or off. I love this project. Lots of very good work here.
ccoalex1 year ago
Smart ideea, COOL cooler, hope to make good money with it and for you and your friends just: READY, SET, PARTY!
JaxT011 year ago
Question ? On the 2nd method for the opener , How do you get the caps out of the lid? Is there a door on it or do they just stay in the lid ?
grepper (author)  JaxT011 year ago
The entire lid can't actually fit through the opening there so they end up just falling into the cooler. You could put a magnet back there to hold onto each cap if you were so inclined.
So great. I want one!
grepper (author)  mikeasaurus1 year ago
Thanks Mike! Send me a pic if you make one... :)
If you're using LEDs with a voltage drop of 3v, I'd just wire them all up in series. You could put in 6, which would give an overall voltage drop of 18v, then you would just need to add a 1ohm resistor in series, and you could run it straight off the battery.

I am ignoring the fact that the battery will have greater than 18v when fully charged. You would probably need to change a few things based on that
grepper (author)  bourkemcrobbo1 year ago
Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn't even considered putting them in series!
Whoa! Neatest cooler I've ever seen, that's for sure. Great job!
grepper (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago
Thanks Jessy... Really appreciate it! :)
dude u should do a kick starter on this. u never know a big corp might buy it from u.
grepper (author)  astral_mage1 year ago
Thanks man. I did. It's going on now: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ryangrepper/the-coolest-cooler-with-blender-music-and-so-much
put a momentary switch in to your circut then yes. it turn on the light when u open the lid.
the bottom of the battery holder usaully come off when u disable a battery powered drill.
on step threee, why not just drill tho both parts?