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Introduction: Coolest Door Lock Ever - Tutorial

From past one month I was planning to make an RFID door lock system. But I wanted something cool. I am huge fan of Xmen. I love Wolverine and Cyclops. So create an RFID based door lock system, where if you swipe the right card, cyclops known "eyes" will turn green and servo will open giving a beeping sound through a buzzer. If you swipe the wrong card, cyclops eyes will turn red. So here is how I made.

Bill of Material

  • RC552 RFID Module - 1
  • RFID tags - 2
  • Arduino Uno - 1
  • WS2812B LED strip (10 leds) - 1
  • Servo Motor - 1
  • Buzzer - 1

Step 1: Video

This video contains the time line of the project. I have given full instructions in this instructable along with schematic and code. (At the end of the instructions in this video, I have also created a timeline of how I created the cyclops image.)

Step 2: ‚ÄčInstructions

Making the "Cyclops" base In this step, we will make the base of cyclops. This base will be used to stick cyclops image along with a WS2812B LED strip with 10 LEDs. So lets get started.

  1. Take any cyclops image and cut out the "Eyes" section of cyclops.
  2. Make sure that your LED strip fits perfectly between the eyes of cyclops.
  3. After that, trace the cutout on a cardboard and again, cutout the cardboard.
  4. Fix the LED strip there.
  5. Finally paste the cyclops image on the cardboard such that the LED strip is just behind the cylcops. Also it would be really cool if you can put a translucent sheet. It gives a diffused effect.

Step 3: Circuit

Finally make the circuit as per given schematic. Also I have given the pin connections.

Step 4: Code

Finally upload this sketch to your arduino.

Also make sure you make changes in this line :

if (content.substring(1) == "86 AB 84 A5") and replace it with your ow RFID UID.

Github Code :

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