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Introduction: Coolest Pencil Holder in All of 3rd Grade

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Section of 1” pipe + neodymium magnets + gun blue flames = One awesome pencil holder.

I used to make these “in binder” pencil holders out of the cardboard from used paper towel rolls. Now that my son is entering 3rd grade I thought I’d send him off with a new twist to old gear.

Step 1: Prep the Body

First thing I did was measure the length against a pencil. After cutting with a pipe cutter I put it in my mini lathe. I then machined and sanded off the zinc coating. This is the area that will get covered in bluing.

Step 2: Grind the Ends

I smoothed the bottom with files so I would get a good joint while soldering. The top lip was rounded over on both sides so that, a) there'd be no sharp edges, b) the lid would fit snugly. I used a dremel to get it done.

Step 3: Cap the Bottom

I cut out a circle from 22 gage sheet metal and soldered it onto the bottom. I used a file to grind it flush while in my lathe.

Step 4: Make the Magnetic Lid

This lid is self-centering and kept in place with magnets. While in use the lid can just be stuck to the side which also prevents it from rolling. It has a rolled lip to make it look more seamless.     

I machined two circles on my lathe one of which would be domed. I kept reducing one circle until it just barely fit into the pipe.

Next I placed the magnets in the lid and used epoxy putty to hold all the pieces together.

Step 5: Finish the Lid

After the epoxy putty set I clamped the lid in place and rolled the edge down with my trusty hammer.

A pass through a scouring wheel smoothed it out nice.

Step 6: Add the Flames

The flames are put on with the help of gun bluing (make sure to follow manufacture safety precautions when handling and using bluing). After taping off and painting the ends I found some flames through an image search.

I traced over the flames while a piece of aluminum tape was under paper. I then placed the embossed tape on the pencil holder and cut them out with a razor blade.

A little bluing and the flames stood out great.

Thanks for reading.



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    seems like it wouldn't hold many papers with that in there.

    Hey maybe you could attach a piece of Velcro to the pencil holder and to the inside of the binder

    I could of used that when I was in 3rd but now I am in 4th baby!

    Walk into the class like "what up, I got an awesome pencil case that my daddy made for me"

    Very nice holder and brilliant idea - I might just use it when my kid goes to school :)

    That really IS the coolest pencil holder in all of 3rd Grade!! Haha!

    I am making it my goal to read all your ibles for sure! Awesome stuff!!!

    i agree with doodlecraft. NOT the coolest pencil holder in 3rd grade. Coolest pencil holder period. I'm doing this in my next metal class with the grade 6 kids. They will love it. Well done on an excellent 'ible!

    Congratulations!!! You did a great job, and all of your instructables are very impressive. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work! Nice job!