Cooling Hat (For Working Outside in Summer or If You're a Hothead)





Introduction: Cooling Hat (For Working Outside in Summer or If You're a Hothead)

As promised, this is the follow-up to my Cooling Vest Instructable. The Vest was to keep your torso cool while working outside or in a hot area, but did nothing to keep your head cool in the same environments.

Step 1: Create the Cool Gel

Just like the Cool Vest, you use the unactivated lining from adult diapers. Mix the lining with water and alcohol to create a gel that, when frozen, is slushy. Only this time put the gel into Snack-Size plastic baggies and put the baggies in the freezer. Double-bag the baggies to prevent leaking.

Step 2: Attaching the Cool Pack to the Hat.

Create a pouch for the Gel Pack out of the same material used for the vest (breathable, but somewhat waterproof) with a Velcro closure.

Add the "Hook" side of a Velcro patch to attach the pouch to the hat.

Step 3: Attach the Pouch to the Hat.

Sew a "loop" side Velcro patch inside the crown of the hat using a Zipper Foot on your sewing machine.

Step 4: Go to Work...

After the pouch is secured inside the hat you might have to add or remove Cool Gel from the pouch until it fits on your head. As with the Vest, you can put the entire hat in the freezer while you're resting between chores.

Keep Cool!



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    I am amazed at the actual number of uses for diapers. I made a diaper mixture like this to add into my potting soil when I transplanted a tree into a large pot, and that tree never shows signs of water deprivation when other potted plants do. Since I like to garden and do get a hot head (some say I was born with it, though), I'm going to try this for my gardening hat. Thank you for sharing this Instructable. Awesome.

    Awesome Instructable! THWG!

    I will be dipped. That is a great use for adult diapers I was given as a "gift" on my last birthday - my kids think they are funny. Thanks!

    2 replies

    jdonato, I have this visual in my head of you making some of these for your kids, and then telling them you used your adult diapers!!

    Or go to each one individually and say "By the way, your Brother/Sister is wearing a diaper right now. Just thought you should know." ;)

    Very nice definitely gonna try this, especially with my hard hat! Also, What fabric did you use and where did you buy it from?

    1 reply

    The fabric was bought at Jo-Ann's. It's a breathable fabric similar to "wicking" Tee-Shirt fabric.