I am never home. I have to many thinks to do, hobbies, work, family, a small business we run. we all know it as life. I have the oldest A/C system in the universe. It cost to much to run and it dosent cool the house. I can leave it on all day and I will come home and find it is 84 degrees inside 73 degrees outside. So the A/C is not worth it. We pulled out the fans out of the closet. 2 in each bedroom one in the sliding glass door one in the front door (pushing in or pulling out of the window) and 4 just moving air in the condo. just attempting to bring the cool night air in to our for lack of better words Sweat Lodge. It was time for a change after having to get up in the middle of the night to shower with cool water just to fall back asleep.

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Step 1: Attic Fan

We have great isolation in our attic. R40 is no joke (yes, the access pannel is insolated with R40 as well). Yet as I pushed the access to the attic up I was met with a slap in the face of 100+ degree air. This was just insult to injury. It was only 80 somthing outside and I would have thought the new roof and 6 extra turtle vents would have helped but it didn't. We will get to that in part B of this solution.
<p>It is easier to find the center by simply making an X from corner to corner, as there is no measuring required.</p>
Very true!
<p>Cool ness - I've been needing something in our attic &amp; wasn't sure how to make it work. with these great instructions I'm certainly going to be able to do this without any problems. thank you for sharing and for documenting your steps so well. I'll probably paint it to match the ceiling and that will be the only thing I do different. Thanks for sharing!</p>
I originally planned on painting this as well. but with all of the other projects we have going on I haven't gotten around to it. also if your ceiling is to high I and you don't want to use an automatic thermostat (or you just in a lazy mood)I would suggest a remote fan control from Hampton bay. <br><br>http://m.homedepot.com/p/Hampton-Bay-Ceiling-Fan-Remote-Control-70830/202783102
And? You should add the temperature differences, so you can share how effective your fans are at cooling the house.
I thought about doing this but I decided against it. Mainly due to the fact that the inside of the house will be the same temperature as outside when the fan is on. Those nights when I made this the house was 91 degrees and the outside air temperature was 86 degrees so it wasn't much of a difference at the time. It defiantly would be now considering its 60 degrees out, but the fan is not necessary on night's like this. What did cool us down on those hot nights was the consistently moving air. The light breeze made those 86 degree nights feel like 70 degrees. I just wasn't sure how to show this aspect. I did a smoke test that worked great but it wasn't that visible in the pictures.<br><br>If you have any ideas let me know. I will defiantly modify this post.

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