Introduction: Coopermind Speakers MINI Brand

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All started with an exercise in the National University of Colombia with the Industrial design school when we had to extract the brand languague of MINI cars to make speakers

Step 1: Making 3d Process

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Here we use Rhino 3d program to model our design

Step 2: Playing With Wood

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With the router machine we modelate our design with wood...we have some problems doing this !

Step 3: Making This Beautifull

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Well, here we sand and polish texture before much work

Step 4: Showing Results!

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By the way, we made it!! and was great! sounds great :)


jcavell (author)2015-02-22

Some major steps are missing

Natyguzman9 (author)jcavell2015-02-23

you have reason, but is because is the result of a workshop in the university, so I can't share all the steps, because the university has the copyright of this work, even if I made it :/

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Bio: I´m studying Industrial design in the National University of Colombia
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