Big Oil is a reference to the Supermajors, the few very large international oil and gas companies. This designation refers to their power, particularly on economy and politics, and to the impact they exert on the world.

Could it be that similarly a few very large international companies are controlling the world's soap supply? For the sake of this Instructable the presupposition is that indeed it is needed to reduce dependency on Big Soap, thus using less natural resources and reducing expenses (and Big Soap's profit) in the process.

In everyday use it is quite common to use the amount of liquid handwash supplied by a full single stroke of the dispenser's handle. And who determines the amount supplied? Yes indeed, the designers of Big Soap!

This Instructable presents four approaches for reducing the use of liquid handwash. These approaches are all improvements with regard to the liquid soap dispenser using a hand-powered pump and can be considered as Green Design because they advocate concepts for a more sustainable use of resources:

  1. Engineer's Approach: reduce the stroke of a soap pump piston (Step 2)
  2. Salesman's Approach: dilute the dispenser's soap with water (Step 3)
  3. Approach of Self-Control: don't push it too far (Step 4)
  4. Environmentalist's Approach: use tablets of soap instead of liquid handwash (Step 5)

In order to give some background to handwashing Step 1 recaps some theory. Additionally, the amount of soap that is being dispensed in a full stroke of an average soap dispenser is being estimated and consequently the price of a single handwash is being determined.