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Introduction: Copper Foil Desk

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Cover a desk in copper foil to make it look tres' fancy.
This was cheaper to do when copper wasn't more expensive then gold...

But, if you can get your hands on an old roll of the stuff, it turns out really pretty (especially if you use copper carpet tacks to hold it in place) and over time it oxidizes beautifully.



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    I don't mean to be a fart in the phonebooth here, but what is the deal with all these slideshow instructables that don't show you how it's done? You're simply showing us the result, not the how-to. Please reread the "How to make an instructable" tutorial and then show us how you're making things.

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    I don't mean to piss in your Cheerios(TM) but who the hell is using a phone booth these days? Or even seen one?

    Ohhhhh that's so funny! I love your "colorful metaphor" ... and actually the slideshow thing is kinda different. I end up having to pause it, because I'm getting old enough to need more time to "focus"....

    Slideshows and videos are ways to let people show off finished projects or other things that they don't have full documentation for. It can be fun just to get the gist of how something was made. Think of it as quick inspiration :)

    Nice job.The coper in time wil be oxidating, so first i recomand you to put a double sided glue or spray the surface with fast woodworking glue like , then solder a wire and conect it to the ground of the power suply, polish the surface with a Nitrosolvent or with a polish solution for car and then paint the surface with a car laquer to mentain the shining a long time . You will obtain a solid rigid surface that will shine :) and a good heatshink for the laptop

    very nice
    but really why
    i understand that copper is almost the best metal ever but you have made a huge risk for anything electrical 
    your desk now has the potential to hold a static charge

    The copper could be smoothed out and then put a sheet of glass over it - or plexiglass to make it tougher.

    The copper in rolls sold at Home Depot or such is also soft. If you write on it it will take the indentation. It does look cool! But I would also be cautious using anything with a current on it. It may short out your stuff.

    Not to be mean, but you might want to add a disclaimer saying that using a laptop, other electronic devices,etc as well as trying to build/modify any electronic circuits on top of that table "could" be dangerous to someone's health. As we all know ( or should know) copper is highly conductive. ~Istarian

    Yeah, the wrinkles need to go, an also this looks strange, having a 'copper' desk held up by saw-horses . The idea of using copper foil to make something look like it's made of copper is a great idea. I'd use this on something a lot smaller though, maybe a picture frame, etc.

    i was expecting like... polished copper, maybe it's to thin and fragile or something, but you need to flatten it out. it looks like crumpled butcher paper.