Copper Alembic Head DIY





Introduction: Copper Alembic Head DIY

I decided to make own whiskey (in extremely traditional way)

As I was unable to buy Alembic I wish I decided to cinstruct one.
I collected Oak few casks and a lot of other hardware.
Most dramatic (for me) was to find round-shaped copper 'anything' to make Alembic head.

Geography in school was lil boring except globe, especially the way how to stick flat map on round base.

Step 1:

So, I steal the shape of Alembic head from whiskey alembic maker's site, traced it in adobe illustrator and calculated all the radius-es etc. to receive single form printed on paper.

Step 2:

After printing it was mounted on copper stripe with Mount spray, cutted by scissors
and formed by rubber hammer in and on colander (!)

Step 3:

Soldering (with lead-free solder!) was both ease - because of acid flux was used - and hard because of positioning each leaf take bunch of patience.

Step 4:

Adding top and bottom (drawed in illustratort too) was easiest part)




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    Can you make the plans that you used to cut the copper sheeting available? Please and thank you!

    I found and bought a round copper water pot 3.5 gallon for the base and am using an upside down tea pot also copper for the top head

    cool! please share after assembling! If any question about whiskey making - will glad to talk)

    That actually looks awesome!! If Polished, I bet that it would look good even by itself.
    Great job! and Great Instructable!!
    Mr. Lunna 13