Step 1: Get Your Materials

This is actually the piece for the back fender, but we haven't made that one yet. It's just a medium gauge piece of copper, same as the front.
the fender is great, but i think the zip ties detract from the design and craftsmanship. how about taking a frame cable clip, like the one shown on the top tube below, and adapting it for a more professional look? and of course it would still be movable.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.classicrendezvous.com/images/French/Peugeot/ePX10_3L.jpg">http://www.classicrendezvous.com/images/French/Peugeot/ePX10_3L.jpg</a><br/>
That's what I was thinking too... even thin paracord to tie it would have been a little classier, leather strips, or even smaller bands of copper that wrap around and attach to the copper fender?<br /> <br /> In any case, you've inspired me to find alternative fender options!&nbsp; Thanks for the 'ible.<br />
Thanks for the pic!
Cool stuff I wish i had access to a English wheel, I'd make myself medevil armor.
See image for mudguard made from lead flashing. L
is copper a good chose wouldnt it turn green being weathered like the statue of liberty
that's exactly what I'm shooting for, maybe bronze would have been better if I wanted something ultra green. But the corrosion is the key element
opps this is what i get when i dont read every step.
hey, this is hella nice! I made a very (obscenely) decorative bike fender from aluminum and brass but could never get it satisfactorily attached to my bike so it just sits in my garage. Nice to see someone else was more successful!
I'm glad you like it, I'll be sure to pass it along to my bro. You should post a photo of the one you made, we'd love to see it!
Today was the first day I've been able to make full use of this fender's potential. I'm happy to say it worked terrifically! I only suggest 1 modification: the lowest "point" should be curved more towards the wheel. When riding in heavy water, the fender kind of directs the spray towards your feet. It's not too bad, but it would be easily resolved if there were a slightly greater curve back towards the wheel. -ac

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