Picture of Copper Bracelet
Here's a copper Bracelet i made. I've made several of these and i just wanted to share them so others can enjoy.

please know i am not an expert on the subject but this is what i have found through research. credit to the following article goes to  This website

Copper is antimicrobial and doesn't harm the skin in any way. What's "antimicrobial"? An antimicrobial is a substance that kills or inhibits the growth of micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, or protozoan's, as well as destroying viruses. Copper is also an antibacterial as well as an anti fungal agent and used in the treatment of skin disease and wounds today as it was thousands of years ago. Of course thousands of years ago they didn't know all of this; they simply used it because it helped. Copper is also used in UD's for birth control because of its factors. Copper is a trace element needed for healthy growth and function of bones, collagen, the brain, the heart, the skin and immune system. Copper is contained throughout our bodies and in our hair.

Fabrics have been impregnated with copper and used in everyday applications.

Hospital uses Bandages, dermal wound products and gauze. Used in bedding, gowns, uniforms, towels, catheters, gloves, curtains and masks.

Military Use Used by the military and police services worldwide in their uniforms.

Sportswear Used in underwear, socks, and other items which need protection against degradation by fungus and bacteria and thus reducing odor, stains, and deterioration which is caused by fungi and bacteria.

Cosmetics Copper is used in many cosmetic products, as well as in cosmetic applications.

Copper bracelets have been worn for hundreds of years in the belief of reducing or helping Arthritic and Rheumatic diseases. People also look to copper for its healing properties in improving the circulation of blood, increasing energy, detoxification, reducing inflammation, stabilizing metabolism and improving oxygen use.
Huuunksam10 months ago
I'm totally going to try this out! Thanks
drapeta2 years ago
nice tutorial. I wouldn't have thought of this
Nice. I've been making these for about a year. I use 3/8" copper tube and a small section of rail or my bench block. I cut it with a pair of high-leverage tin snips. I prefer 0000 steel wool to get a smooth finish.

A friend puts clear nail polish on the inside to prevent it from turning her skin green. She loves the handmade aspect so much that she has bought three.
I've done a auto clear coat spray on mine, it stays on, and keeps the polish.
mr.mountaineer (author)  Greenish Apple3 years ago
i give all of mine away to family. how much do you charge for yours and i use real course steel wool because roughness keeps them from tarnishing as fast
jenhoney3 years ago
Ooh, I may have to try this one. I think I even have everything needed except for tin snips! Thanks for sharing.
mr.mountaineer (author)  jenhoney3 years ago
A hack saw or wire cutters will work to just tin snips are easier
great! I do have wire cutters. I'll try them out. thanks.
mr.mountaineer (author)  jenhoney3 years ago
your welcome, hope it turns out good