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Hello again
Here are some of many copper bracelets i made in the winter on my sailboat.
There are all made out of scrap wires . For the ends i used solder and brass tubing.
Some wires are solid some are stranded. They are differend in size and some
are tin coated for marine use ( Corrosion ).I stripped of the insulation .
The colours was made by puting the bracelets in a toaster oven and heat them.
These bracelets only cost pennys to make and are fun to make on cold days.
Please Recycle :)


CreativeBlossom (author)2016-12-13

Wow. This is very nice!!❤

ganesan_1972K (author)2016-09-17

wondering Is there any copper bracelet for sale, Pls? I need this for pain relief, particularly looking for bracelet made from copper wires that have been conducting current. i don;t have any equipment to try myself, any help would be appreciated.



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jms54 (author)2014-12-10

So cool! First bracelet looks like woven hair. Would love to see the instructions.

doomsdayltd (author)2011-07-30

neat i like it, but copper like most metals leaves a metal residue (copper leaves like a green tint on your skin). But other than that the bracelet looks nice

Master Beorn (author)doomsdayltd2011-10-09

The green tint is actually copper oxide, and is harmless. 3 coats of clear lacquer should prevent that from ever being a problem if it bothers you.

BlueberryCrazy (author)2011-03-17


Plan B (author)BlueberryCrazy2011-03-17

Thank you
This gives me something to do in the winter .
Keeps me out of trouble......... ;)

dragonflydazd (author)Plan B2011-09-11

i love these pc's and i would love to make some. do you have an instructable for your bracelets and rings?


DiamondBack (author)2011-05-21

Inspiring. Now I just need to learn to braid like that, and find where to buy the brass caps and clasps from

dragonflydazd (author)2011-05-18

i'm liking this. can be made for both men and women and i really like the one with the multiple strands. what did you use for the end caps? very nice. thanks for sharing and i cant wait for the instructable.


zeyynep (author)2011-04-03

i like it.Cool:))

Plan B (author)zeyynep2011-04-14

Thank you !!!
B :)

Dream Dragon (author)2011-03-21

I certainly want to see that instructable when you have it completed. I can handle the braiding I'm sure, but some ideas about how to handle finishing the ends would be very helpful.

Plan B (author)Dream Dragon2011-03-22

I will post a instructable this weekend to show how to make a complete
bracelet from start to finish.
Thank you for your comment

The Ideanator (author)2011-03-16

Dude, you should definitely write this up as an ible, its very boss.

Plan B (author)The Ideanator2011-03-16

Thank you for your comment .
I only type with one finger so i will add some instruction at a later time .
( I can type about 8 words a minute or so ;)

The Ideanator (author)Plan B2011-03-16

That's slower than me, although I do use other fingers occasionally, I still use only one at one time. By the way, you could totally sell these on etsy and make some money.

Plan B (author)The Ideanator2011-03-17

I would like to sell them but selling is not my strong point.
I have checked etsy but you have to have a account to sell and i do not have one.
Thank you

The Ideanator (author)Plan B2011-03-17

They're free to make (I think..) and selling doesn't have to be a strong point, you could probably ask a friend if they could write up a worthy blurb and possibly take some good photos (white background, lots of similarly coloured white light, etc).

Plan B (author)The Ideanator2011-03-18

I will try your geat tips for new photos
Thank you

The Ideanator (author)Plan B2011-03-18

Any time dude.

Plan B (author)The Ideanator2011-03-17

I will post some simple instructions on the bracelets soon
Glad you like em.
Thank you

Don,t try this at home (author)2011-03-18

This is awesome and i would like to know how you made those rings to there nice.

Thank you for your comment
The ring was made using a slice from 3/4 " copper pipe i had and a small shark tooth inserted with a dremel tool and some epoxy.
I will post a real instructable later

l8nite (author)2011-03-16

those bracelets are gorgeous ! just so you know, you can write a little bit and save it then go back to your under construction ible anytime...hint..hint

Plan B (author)l8nite2011-03-17

I am trying to type a little each day. Thank you for the great advise.

Nostalgic Guy (author)2011-03-17

I made copper bracelets for part of my design coursework when I was at college, later when I worked in engineering I had a plentiful suppy of brass & copper scrap & made quite a few more but I have to say I don't think any of mine were as good as yours.
I agree with The Ideanator you would have no problem at all finding a market for them, if you don't want to sell them yourself you could always go through a trusted third party, I know for sure that if you had turned up at any of the charity bashes my bike club organized a couple of years back you would have sold out in no time flat.
I look forward as will so many others to an 'ible about them :-)

Plan B (author)Nostalgic Guy2011-03-17

Thank you for the comment
I will type some instructions on the bracelets later. I would love to sell them but i am not a sales person at all and thats why i just store what ever i make.
Like you say ,i need a trusted third party to sell.
But i will post how to make them soon.
Thank you

RedneckEngineer (author)2011-03-17

These are really nice and each type needs a Ible! I'm totally trying to figure out the hinge/attachment on the one. Is it someting you made or what?

Plan B (author)RedneckEngineer2011-03-17

Hi there
The hinge was installed because the bracelet was to heavy to wear as a bangle. ( over 8 ounces ). You can buy these in any hardware store in sets of 3 or 4 for about $ 2.00 or less. Look in cabinet hard ware and snaps.
They're made of brass and solder easy to the copper.
This is like something you would find on a cigar box to close.Has 2 parts and one is hinged.
I hope this helps you. I can also post a better photo if needed.
Thank you

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