Introduction: Copper Chain Bracelet

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In this instructable I will show you how to make a copper chain bracelet using a pair of pliers/wire-cutters a hammer, and of course, copper wire. I used 16 gauge wire for this project.

Step 1: Make the Center Piece

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This will start the centerpiece of the bracelet.Start by straightening some of your wire. Then make a fairly large loop in your wire. Cut off the loop as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Finishing the Centerpiece

Picture of Finishing the Centerpiece

Ben over two smaller loops in the copper using pliers.

Step 3: Hammering the Centerpiece

Picture of Hammering the Centerpiece

Now place the center piece on a flat, had surface and hammer on it until it is some what flat.

Step 4: Starting the First Link

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Start by bending the edge of the wire foreword making a loop.

Step 5: Continuing the First Link

Picture of Continuing the First Link

Now, using the pliers, bend the rest of the wire in the opposite direction of the loop.

Step 6: Cutting

Picture of Cutting

Cut the wire in the place as shown.

Step 7: Finishing the First Link

Picture of Finishing the First Link

After you have cut the wire, bed the end of it closed so you make a loop. It should look kind of like an infinity symbol. Then hammer it flat. Note: you may have to close the links back up after hammering.

Step 8: Making the Second Link

Picture of Making the Second Link

Make one loop in the wire and then bend the rest of the wire behind it.

Step 9: Connecting the Two Links

Picture of Connecting the Two Links

Put the hook through the loop and then close the hook with pliers.

Step 10: Keep Going...

Picture of Keep Going...

Keep Making links until you get to about half way done.

Step 11: Connect the Center Piece

Picture of Connect the Center Piece

Put the hook of the chain into one of the side loops of the centerpiece of the bracelet. Then close the links back to tether around the peice. Continue to make links and add them to the center peice

Step 12: Attach the Clasp

Picture of Attach the Clasp

Now I will show how to make the clasp of the bracelet. Start by making a loop on one end of the piece of wire. Then cut the loop off with about 3 inches of leftover wire. Then use your pliers to Bend a hook in the wire. Then, when the bracelet is the right size, attach the hook clasp.

Step 13: Finished

Picture of Finished

This is what your finished product should look like. Pleas be sure to leave a comment and look at some of my other instructables.


henriquepr93 (author)2014-08-12

Nice job. R u a girl?

onrust (author)2013-07-22

great job!

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