Copper Fire Log Heater: Burns Clean With Alcohol!





Introduction: Copper Fire Log Heater: Burns Clean With Alcohol!

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Step 1: Materials

Step 2: Marking Dots

Step 3: Filing Grooves

Step 4: Punching Holes

Step 5: Prepare the Pipe

Step 6: Soldering the Pipe

Step 7: Clean the Solder Joint

Step 8: Corking the End

Step 9: Cutting and Fitting the Cork

Step 10: Nearly Finished...

Step 11: Making a Simple Stand- Finished!


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    found the instructibile on the web archive with images

    There are no steps anymore. What happened? Just header, table of contents and comments. Where is the content?

    2 replies

    I am very sorry, but the content of the instructable is gone. It's a long story, entirely my fault. It was not able to be restored by instructables staff. I might eventually make a replacement.

    Please do!
    This is one of my favourite ideas!

    If anyone still has this instructable
    it would be great to see it re-posted!

    Sounds like a great project. Why am I getting nothing but blanks for pages? Everything but the actual photo's. Anyone have an answer or cure? Have I been banned? My payments are auto deduct, what gives?

    1 reply

    i getting the same, starts you wondering about the intrisical values of the website.

    Couldn't you use pearlite as the other 50% of the mix in the chamber to help evarorate the alcohol. I use that method for all my homemade burners and it lights up first time, no preheat required :)

    I tried to make this, but didnt use copper end caps, just crimped the ends down... I failed horribly and almost burned my house down. I filled the log with acetone and lit it, but it turned out the crimped ends didnt seal, so acetone leaked everywhere, then the cap I used to fill it spilled, catching the plywood workbench I was working on on fire. So at this point I was scared out of my mind, so I took a spare rag, hoping I could snuff out the fire, but the rag soaked up the fuel and caught fire. I now had a flaming workbench, log and rag that I was swinging around, which incidentally caught the bottle of acetone on fire. I managed to blow everything out before it caught on the surrounding flammable objects, but it was rather close.

    2 replies

    let that be a lesson to everyone... DON'T crimp the ends down!!!!

    Even better, right next to my bench was a entire cabinet of chemicals, flammable ones.

    were is this thing

    i wouldn't worry about explosions, if the pressure got to hot then the cork would blow out (much like a spud gun) and leak flaming alcohol on the surface below =)

    1 reply

    you can find here

    It's should be back online in a week or two. Sorry!