Introduction: Copper Fire Log Heater: Burns Clean With Alcohol!

Step 1: Materials

Step 2: Marking Dots

Step 3: Filing Grooves

Step 4: Punching Holes

Step 5: Prepare the Pipe

Step 6: Soldering the Pipe

Step 7: Clean the Solder Joint

Step 8: Corking the End

Step 9: Cutting and Fitting the Cork

Step 10: Nearly Finished...

Step 11: Making a Simple Stand- Finished!



christine.robinson.5209 (author)2014-12-09

Like to see how he made this, but cant find images

mattccc (author)2013-12-24

found the instructibile on the web archive with images

Morana (author)2012-10-30

There are no steps anymore. What happened? Just header, table of contents and comments. Where is the content?

nepheron (author)Morana2012-10-31

I am very sorry, but the content of the instructable is gone. It's a long story, entirely my fault. It was not able to be restored by instructables staff. I might eventually make a replacement.

shascho (author)nepheron2013-11-21

Please do!
This is one of my favourite ideas!

shascho (author)2013-11-21

If anyone still has this instructable
it would be great to see it re-posted!

Mr. Gadgets13 (author)2012-11-24

cant see the picts...

zappenfusen (author)2011-12-15

Sounds like a great project. Why am I getting nothing but blanks for pages? Everything but the actual photo's. Anyone have an answer or cure? Have I been banned? My payments are auto deduct, what gives?

cancandan (author)zappenfusen2012-03-02

i getting the same, starts you wondering about the intrisical values of the website.

frisbeechamp1983 (author)2011-11-21

it's still not working? should fix it.

ckgarside (author)2011-11-10

Couldn't you use pearlite as the other 50% of the mix in the chamber to help evarorate the alcohol. I use that method for all my homemade burners and it lights up first time, no preheat required :)

_Scratch_ (author)2011-06-15

I tried to make this, but didnt use copper end caps, just crimped the ends down... I failed horribly and almost burned my house down. I filled the log with acetone and lit it, but it turned out the crimped ends didnt seal, so acetone leaked everywhere, then the cap I used to fill it spilled, catching the plywood workbench I was working on on fire. So at this point I was scared out of my mind, so I took a spare rag, hoping I could snuff out the fire, but the rag soaked up the fuel and caught fire. I now had a flaming workbench, log and rag that I was swinging around, which incidentally caught the bottle of acetone on fire. I managed to blow everything out before it caught on the surrounding flammable objects, but it was rather close.

WendyLD3 (author)_Scratch_2011-08-18

let that be a lesson to everyone... DON'T crimp the ends down!!!!

_Scratch_ (author)WendyLD32011-08-20

Even better, right next to my bench was a entire cabinet of chemicals, flammable ones.

Quinn Z. (author)2011-03-21

were is this thing

itsthatsguy (author)2009-10-16

i wouldn't worry about explosions, if the pressure got to hot then the cork would blow out (much like a spud gun) and leak flaming alcohol on the surface below =)

dragonsniper (author)itsthatsguy2011-02-09


Slicerr2 (author)2011-02-02

you can find here

coppeis (author)2010-10-26

Your Instructable is broken

nepheron (author)coppeis2010-11-05

It's should be back online in a week or two. Sorry!

bryan3141 (author)nepheron2011-01-30

It's 2011, do you know where your 'ible is? I don't see it here. Nice headers for the steps, though.

nepheron (author)bryan31412011-01-30

The file is gone. I'm unable to delete this ible. Sorry.

theexpert (author)nepheron2010-11-17

your instructable is not been working for weeks

nepheron (author)theexpert2010-11-17

Hmm, I'll ask an admin.

Saturn V (author)nepheron2010-11-18

I want it to be fixed! I want to make one for the holidays!

nepheron (author)Saturn V2010-11-18

I'm waiting for a response from an admin.
If you have any direct questions about the project, ask away! :)

theexpert (author)nepheron2011-01-12

im still having problems with it and i really want to make it all i can see is 1Matrials

Saturn V (author)nepheron2010-11-21

I don't have any questions, but i do have something to say about it: This is a great idea, and it loooks really cool. I can't wait to make it!

coppeis (author)nepheron2010-11-05


meister (author)2011-01-01

What happened to this instructable? Nothing is here

rokkit (author)2009-08-26

is there anything i could add to the fuel to change the burn color?

nepheron (author)rokkit2009-08-26

I've thought about it before. Because it burns via alcohol evaporation you would need a colorant that evaporates with it. Probably non-existent v('_')v

Frag (author)nepheron2010-11-10

if you search the types of salts used in fireworks you probablly could find one that, if mixed with the alcohol, would burn similarly.

jrh065 (author)nepheron2010-03-22

 A bit of table salt should make the flame more visible, but other colors may be more difficult to achieve.

Hat maker boy (author)jrh0652010-09-26

Boric acid for a deep green color. You can also use borax, which gives a more yellowish green.

McGyver2 (author)nepheron2010-03-26

Food Coloring of some sort in the Alchohol?

Munchys (author)2010-10-04

Can I use lighter fluid?

nepheron (author)Munchys2010-10-05

No, lighter fluid will probably be a very bad thing :)
It could explode!

boehmap (author)2010-07-23

What is the mat made of? Where can I find one? Thanks, great project, by the way.

nepheron (author)boehmap2010-07-23

The mat is a rubber mouse pad with the decal removed. Its special because it appears to be made of aerated vulcanized rubber or silicone. It will not melt and will only burn at high temperatures (I have burned it before. It does not release smoke, the foam structure just collapses)

jacobskousen (author)2010-05-06

Rubbing alcohol burns dirty (lots of soot and smoke). You'll get a clean, blue flame if you use HEET gas antifreeze (I think its methyl alcohol). Also, methyl alcohol doesn't smell and any spillage evaporates very quickly. You could use kevlar (aramid) cord wrapped a couple of times around the copper tube as a wick to absorb and burn some of the alcohol to preheat, allowing you to simply fill the log - spill some alcohol on the "wick" - and light it up. 

I didn't see the CARBON MONOXIDE warning anywhere. Burning this thing in-doors, or even in a tent, could be dangerous. 

ch5 (author)2010-04-13

Thats so cool!
I will be making something along those lines soon for sure.

woodstockbirdy (author)2010-03-17

 what kind of alcohl

TheFawns (author)2010-02-15

Dude thats awesome!! i think im gonna go make one of these for camping :) all my friends are going to be jealous :D  

rosebud557 (author)2009-10-26

Excellent!!  Would it work with other metals instead of hard copper pipe?
I have an oversize toilet paper holder, I think its silver coated over hard metal.
And can I use 50% alcohol and leave the cap open to let the water evaporate or can I use candle wax.?  Just trying to use what I have on hand...BTY Super Instructable!!

nepheron (author)rosebud5572009-10-27

The 50% really won't work. 50% means that it's half alcohol + half water, and water doesn't burn so nice.

Anything that isn't made of plastic or paper and can hold liquid will work. If its something that can't be soldered, use epoxy. Epoxy is much cheaper and easier to use than most people will think.

I'm glad you like my 'ible!

handprints (author)2009-10-23

This is so pretty!  I like the clean burning.  Much better than candles.  I love copper so I think much prettier than candles too.  We usually have candles going around the house at Christmas time, but most times they are scented which doesn't really work well when we're having Christmas dinner.  I think this will work much better!!

Can you light just one hole at a time?  If so, I think I'd like to adapt this to be a mennorrah (sp?) for my friend.

nepheron (author)handprints2009-10-24

You might want to make a different apparatus if you want only one hole to light at a time. They will just kind of light themselves, like a gas stove, when one one is lit. make one like I did first and you will be able to visualize how you may be able to make what you want.

handprints (author)nepheron2009-10-25

thank you!

Chr1spy (author)2009-10-17

be careful
would fondue fuel work
i put fondue fuel in a beer cap and lit it it alsted for a couple minutes

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