Copper Fire Log Heater: Burns clean with alcohol!

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Step 1: Materials

Step 2: Marking Dots

Step 3: Filing Grooves

Step 4: Punching Holes

Step 5: Prepare The Pipe

Step 6: Soldering The Pipe

Step 7: Clean The Solder Joint

Step 8: Corking The End

Step 9: Cutting And Fitting The Cork

Step 10: Nearly Finished...

Step 11: Making A Simple Stand- Finished!


Chr1spy5 years ago
be careful
would fondue fuel work
i put fondue fuel in a beer cap and lit it it alsted for a couple minutes
rosenred5 years ago
If you want to build this for the effect and not the function (ie a cool candle substitute) couldn't you drill bigger holes, use lamp oil and threads instead of alcohol?
nepheron (author)  rosenred5 years ago
yeah... but blue flame is way more awesome than yellow.
EmmettO6 years ago
Is this intended as a sort of stand alone mini heater? If it were used to warm logs as the title suggests they would of course burn and raise the temp of the alcohol. It is also quite likely that burning logs on top of this thing would cause the cork would burn and the soldered end would desolder because of the heat. I would suggest changing the name of this to "Copper Heater" to avoid confusion as to it's purpose. Otherwise, if I'm missing something as to it's intended purpose, let me know.
Or simply change the title to Copper "Fire-log" Mini-Heater so that people know it's a heater for heating a room and not for starting fireplace fires. I wonder if it would be feasible to create an electric coil you could place the "log" in to heat it up with the flick of a switch? I'm hesitant to sit with a torch on a very small pipe-bomb.