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Restoration projects can be very fun. Taking something with little value and modifying it. I take a garage sale TV tray and add 391 pennies, epoxy and a 12" length of copper pipe. No table saw, no band saw and no lathe. This is a basic build project!

Watch for googly eyes...

Super Glaze Epoxy :


Watch me make (author)2015-12-15

That resin looks just like glass

Fission Chips (author)2014-10-24

Nice work. It would be really cool to make designs with darker pennies and lighter pennies!

CraigRJess (author)2014-10-02

Nice work. Love the copper handles.

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-08-31

Ooo pretty, even better with googly eyes :) Thanks for sharing!


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