Step 1: Materials You Will Need

Small copper pipe, scissors, lighter, tea candle, hot glue gun, pipe cutters, a drill and the bottom of a ice cream container
How does this work?
Come on, it's not exactly rocket science ... oh wait, actually, it is rocket science! :) <br> <br>It's a type of monotube boiler, when the water gets hot enough, steam (and water, no doubt) will be pushed out of the copper pipe below the water line. Putt putt putt ... <br> <br>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monotube_steam_generator <br> <br>
Hi kiteman I used one quarter inch tubing and it's not important to flatten the ends of the pipe.
you can use sand/salt/sugar to fill the pipe and get a smaller bend on it without crushing the pipe.
I see you've flattened the ends of your pipe - is that important? <br> <br>(and, what size pipe is it?)
Im so doing this with my son! I love old toys. No flashy screen can beat the interest that physics can put to the table!
Very cool!

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