A compact alcohol wick stove made from copper plumbing.

Step 1:

I have cooked quite a few individual meals with this stove and have taken it backpacking. It is a little heavier than the ultralight stoves and It is not as powerful as compressed fuel stoves but I like the fact that it is durable, stable, refillable, and it uses relatively safe, clean burning alcohol; stored in the stove stand itself so I don't have to carry a separate fuel canister.

It is made from fairly standard copper plumbing supplies found at most big box hardware stores.

My personal motto: "If I can't find it at my local hardware store I don't build with it." I hate special order parts!

<p>How long is the Stub Out?</p>
<p>Great design. Will like to know the time to heat water and how long it last lighted. I like it because it can be buried on the ground, the wind will not affect the flame, no tilting and heat concentrates inside the hole on the ground. I would make the support arms smaller so it stays under the pot since copper likes to absorb heat and dissipate it. great lost of heat. I will be working on this. great idea.</p>
just eye ball it an use a small pot
What a very clever innovation that is not only simple to build, but is also cost effective at the same time. Thanks for sharing this brilliant idea with us. I never knew copper plumbing could be used for cooking purposes, if twisted a little here and there. I think I would disregard the cons of this wick stove too like the fact of it being heavier and less powerful, as long as it has benefits like durability, stability and there isn't a need to carry a separate fuel canister.
I love this idea and plan on making one. However a couple of questions are left unanswere. First, as others asked, how long does fuel work and burn? Will it evaporate in time when sealed or do you take extra fuel (alcohol)? how long to rpidly boil water? Cool down time after? Please advise...
would help if you could take some measurements and more detailed pictures of the holes in the bottom for storage. they look necessary for ease of storage. really neat project.
I checked my hardware store and they call your stub out an air chamber. <br>just tellingyou this so you could put it in the instructions incase other stores call them air chambers too
Approx how long will the filled 'tank' of fuel last? <br>
Why isn't this featured?
i see instead of the base feet things the staff could be used, and for more compactness, you could put one on each end
what are the angles
how balanced is this project it looks like the height would make it easy to fall over? <br />
Great idea! Being a plumber and having all of the parts in the garage, this is the next project for my son and I to take on. Thanks, great idea. This looks like the most durable stove that I have seen on here.
i need to know the total price of this build so i can know if i have enough cash thanks
Around $20 - $25
A very ingenious design. I also like the durability factor. Nice job, thanks.
simply brilliant .
Very good, packs up nice too. L
nice, I like it, but can you post some pics or a video of it working? that would be cool, also it would be nice to know how long it takes to heat up water... (like 1 liter - 8 minutes) or something like that... Keep up the good work!!!<br/><br/>5* (Five Stars)<br/>

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