Step 6: Hanging

Picture of Hanging
Hanging is simplicity itself, remove old down spout, feed the topmost copper ring up through the hole and insert a spare piece of straight copper to span the downspout through the topmost ring. Now wait for rain, with our drought I simulated it with the hose. ;-)

Since it's copper, won't it get a patina? I ask because I can only imagine that will be BEAUTIFUL in a garden... I hope you'll share photos in the future. :)
awesome. I've seen this done with steel chain,(looks good) but this adds just that little bit extra. nice work!
ysabet6 years ago
One thing you can do with a rain-chain is stake it into the ground at a slight slant away from where the water would normally plummet down to; most of the water will follow the chain, so you can stake it a little sideways to a garden plot and use it for watering a space that your eves keep from catching enough rain. Works pretty well, actually.

Nice instructable! And these suckers cost a freaking *fortune* if you buy 'em, so I think I'll make one. Thanks!
smj567 years ago
Thanks for this idea. I have been looking for an idea for a small copper fountain for my back yard. thanks
The rain chain looks awesome. Great instructable. I'm going to make these for my house.