Copper Rose - Perfect for Valentines Day!


Introduction: Copper Rose - Perfect for Valentines Day!

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Hi all - first ever instructable, so be nice,
I made this pair of copper and silver steel roses for a friend of mine, and she absolutely loved them to bits (she's going on holiday, so I had to give them to her early). They're of my own design that took inspiration from some I saw on the net, and require basic metalworking skills and equipment to make - if I get enough requests/likes/favourites/however it works around here I'll go ahead and make a step by step. Unfortunately, it probably won't be up in time for the 14th, but they're lovely to give at any time of the year. Comments? Suggestions? I'll gladly listen. Also, if you liked this, please vote for it (or for my step-by-step, if I can get it done in time) in the Valentines competition.

Having posted this on FunnyJunk to see what people thought, I think I'll go ahead and make a step-by-step in the next week.
Here's the guide



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    These are really nice. I would be happy to know how you made them.

    How can I clean up the hardware on an old travel trunk that I salvaged. Thank, Missie

    For the removing of oxidation you can also soak in vinegar, Citric acid, or many of the chemicals used in lowering the PH in spa's.

    you can soak in as is, or throw the mixture in a crackpot - the heat accelerates the chemical reactions. It's a nice at home "pickle" for your copper.

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    Well, I thought about pickling (I do silverwork, so it's not a new idea, but thanks nonetheless :) ) but it has a tendency to leave all the copper looking dull - so really, I then have to go back over with a wire brush to polish it up some and then what's the point of the pickling? I might try it ut, just to check i'm not missing something.

    Half-guess here, but try the slower method... like plating, the faster is probably rougher.
    Fantastic idea - thanks for sharing it!

    as a journeyman smith ive done this type of work before and id say it looks good but you should work on the stem dont leave it as blank shiny metal work it and give it life with leaves and then you can temper in some colour

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    Mm i know, but for the step-by-step guide I wanted to keep it fairly simple. I'm actually considering making the stem out of copper too so I can texture it - though as my mum pointed out, rose stems are completely smooth! I will definitely be adding leaves to some though, just need to get them looking right,

    Really sorry - I can't seem to reply to any of the comments even though I've tried :(

    I love how they look, would also love to see how you made them as well!