Picture of Copper Rose
        The copper rose is an easy, affordable project that requires minimal time or tools to make.  
        I have always wanted to learn how to work with metal but never really had the tools or the time to practice making anything. So, when I finally found a project that is cheap, easy to make, and requires barely any tools, I started filling my house with them. These metal roses make awesome decorations for your house and even awesomer gifts to anyone worthy of your affection. 

As far as materials go, all you need is 2 small pieces of 22 gauge sheet metal (1 copper and 1 steel) and a steel rod measuring 1/4" in diameter and 1 foot in length. You can buy both at Home Depot.

And for tools you will need:
A hammer
2 pairs of pliers, 1 needle nose and 1 flat head
Tin snips
A drill with a 1/4" bit
A chisel
A file
And a friend with a welder
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Step 1: Cut out pattern on paper

Picture of Cut out pattern on paper
          Print out the attached file of the petals onto an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper. The pattern should take up basically your whole sheet. Cut out the shapes given. On the petals, (the propeller looking thingees), cut down to the edge of the middle circle but don't detach the individual petals from the center circle.
tivie11 made it!1 month ago

This was a great project to do. My wife absolutely loved it. Next time I think I'll add the candle holder leaves on the stem. Or maybe alternating metals like one of the posters before. Thanks for the excellent ideas!

spizzak made it!1 month ago

Great instructable! Here's one I made by alternating copper and brass with brass-rod stem and copper leaves.

Tip: I couldn't get the texturing with a chisel to work at all as it
kept bending the metal (although this worked real nice for the sepal and
leaves) so I ran the petals along my angle grinder with a cutting wheel
instead. This textured them nice and random, and it was pretty much
effortless too :)

spizzak spizzak1 month ago

I should mention that I used solder to secure the pedals, and a combination of wire wrapping and solder on the leaves.

nidanterry2 months ago
This was a first for me. Plan on making a few more. Thank you for the ideas.
14, 3:19 PM.jpg14, 3:19 PM.jpg14, 3:19 PM.jpg
mybootsonfire3 months ago
Here's mine. I'd made a couple steel ones but working with copper was a first for me so it was a lot of fun.
14, 12:50 AM.jpg
vbow (author)  mybootsonfire3 months ago

That looks awesome! Thanks for sharing

Bowtie413 months ago
Don't list a "friend" with a welder!!!!Between my welder/torches,and my car hauling trailer,I have more friends than I can handle already!Just kidding,this is an awesome project,Very beautiful!
flyingfox25462 months ago

This project is incredible!

I too, am from the group of people on this site who love projects like this, but don't have access to some of the more powerful tools (like a welder). That being said, this has inspired me! I went to home depot earlier to get the supplies, and found everything except for copper sheet metal, they don't carry it at my local store, so I'm going to substitute aluminum instead. Also because I don't have a welder, I'm going to give this a shot with two-part metal epoxy, to see if it works.

If all goes well, I'll post pictures after!

Hey, I'm basically in the sand position as you. Did the 2 part epoxy work by any chance
AdrianQ made it!15 days ago

Lovely project. Some variations I applied:

I didn't weld or solder, but applied a short piece of thread to the stem with 2 nuts. To cover the nuts, I made 2 hemispheres with small clips inside that clamp the nut. With a small wire-hook I can pop them off, allowing me to disassemble the lot and clean the copper properly (I didn't fancy the application of transparant nail polish).

I also applied some texturing on the stem by hammering it all over with a cross pein hammer

copper rose AdrianQ (1).JPGcopper rose AdrianQ (2).JPGcopper rose AdrianQ (3).JPGcopper rose AdrianQ (4).JPGcopper rose AdrianQ (5).JPGcopper rose AdrianQ (6).JPGcopper rose AdrianQ (7).JPG
vcherkassky made it!1 month ago

Great instructable! Very easy to follow. The second rose (darker one) took me only 3 consequent hours to make. My wife and daughter absolutely love the roses.

Thank you for such a good work!

Copper Roses.jpg
indymagoo1 month ago

Very nice! I would like to offer some info related to materials. I am a sheet metal worker by trade. By using steel for the stem you are creating an environment for galvanic corrosion. I won't go into too much detail of this, you can google it easy enough. Basically it is caused by the 2 dissimilar metals being in contact with each other. Whatever metal copper touches, it will cause corrosion in the other. A big example of this is with what happened to the Statue of Liberty. I would recommend using heavy gauge copper wire such as used for grounding in electrical systems. 3, 4, or 5 gauge wire would be good. It is very easily soldered on. If all you have is a small soldering iron, you can buy solder with many different temperature ranges at Radio Shack. I use several different solders at a time when I am working on a piece that has multiple parts. Start with the solder that has the highest melt temperature so that when you put on the next piece you don't undo the previous one. Great work!

do you think this project would turn out well with 24 gauge metal instead of 22?

vbow (author)  whaterdaodds1 month ago

Yes, I think that 24 gauge metal should work just fine. It will just be a little bit thinner and easier to form but also a bit flimsier.

nma12 months ago


Mattrox2 months ago

Beautiful rose. Looks awesome. Thanks for the instructable!

Mattrox2 months ago

These look amazing. Could be really nice gifts. Great Job!

kyluddy2 months ago
Awesome! I love it!
clazman3 months ago
Beeeeeeeautiful! U r r-tistic.

I was wondering if some would not have access to a welder if solder might work. Just have to treat the petal forming carefully. In soldering I would suggest tinning the stem and around the holes of the petals.

Another thought would be to use a short (1/8" long) bushing of either aluminum or maybe steel in place of the weld beads. Crimp as required and press them using an appropriate socket.

Or instead of a bushing maybe use a 1/4" brass or steel nut (after grinding down to the flat diameter)

Again, very nice.

Got my vote!.
vbow (author)  clazman3 months ago
Yeah, those are some good ideas. Iike you said though, the solder wouldn't be quite as strong as a weld so you would have to handle it with care.

If you use thick copper wire you can solder it easily and will hold very well. You need to use a microtorch to melt the solder...I've used this method on many things when a soldering iron is not hot enough. Great instructable!

vbow (author)  bricabracwizard3 months ago

Ok, thank you for the great tip! I have often wondered if there is a technique for soldering with copper wire

tshvahn vbow2 months ago

I saw someone who does it by threading the pipe then putting a nut on either side of the petals, then you just rivet the top part down on to it.

hithisishal3 months ago

This is amazing! Did it come out this well on your first try? Do you think it will come out that well on my first try?

vbow (author)  hithisishal2 months ago

I believe that mine have gotten progressively better looking as I have gone along. However, my first couple were not too far behind this rose! For instance, the second one I ever made, (very similar to the first I made), is pictured in step 8. It is the one made out of colored steel holding the candle.

vbow (author)  vbow2 months ago

So in response to your question, absolutely! just take the time and care to detail that you need and you will get the desired result. the best thing about working with metal is that it is really easy to go back and fix mistakes in the bending of the petals and things because of its malleability

foobear2 months ago


craftclarity3 months ago

Gorgeous piece! A great visual reference for the Arts and Crafts period in England. Thanks so much for a lovely guide to making them!

lisa nelson3 months ago
These are beautiful! You made this instructable very clear and desirable. Do you have any ideas to make one look "dewy or wet"??
vbow (author)  lisa nelson3 months ago
Thank you! I have not thought about it before but I suppose that if you were to drip some sort of liquid epoxy resin on the petals it might give the desired effect.

Fibre glass epoxy resin works perfectly. I used to use it to make icicles for winter scenes on theatre sets.

Try hot glue from a glue gun,some brands of glue sticks are really clear.Works great!
Try hot glue from a glue gun,some brands of glue sticks are really clear.Works great!
mybootsonfire3 months ago

Thanks for taking the time to put this up with the patterns and everything. Your directions were easy to follow and my rose came out great!

vbow (author)  mybootsonfire3 months ago

Thank you! I would love to see your work

Oh my, that is absolutely gorgeous. I love the attention to detail; the final piece looks so natural and realistic. Thank you for the detailed walk-through and pictures, as well! I've been wanting to try metalworking for a while, but the whole subject has been a bit intimidating between expensive tools and the fact that I'm obnoxiously prone to painful accidents. (Seriously. None of my random scars have impressive stories behind them; it's always something like stepping on a broken hanger causing it to flip up and slice my leg open. True story.) Your instructions actually make the whole prospect of working with metal much less overwhelming. Definitely putting this on list of projects to attempt. It looks like something I could handle and the end result is absolutely stunning. Now I've got all sorts of ideas flitting about in my head about eventually modifying the stem to wind around another object, something like a climbing rose bush. :)

vbow (author)  Wordy Librarian3 months ago

Thank you very much! Good luck on it and post pictures if you can!

robbi13 months ago
umm can't seem to download pdf for the pattern. any ideas
vbow (author)  robbi13 months ago

I'm not much of a computer whiz, but another person said that they were having trouble because they were trying to download it onto their phone. So if it's something like that or a mac is giving you trouble, you might have to use a PC to download the attachment.

rewardsons3 months ago

Thnx, i too try, and :

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