Introduction: Copper Soldiers

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I had some spare copper left over from a rewire job.  I came up with the idea for articulates people I could use in my stop motions, <YouTube "KristoferMotion">
Anyways to the build!

Step 1:

Stripping the copper, i use pieces 6 1/2 cm long.  The gauge is 12.

Step 2: Body

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The body consist of 5 strands, 4 in the center and one wrap.  I pinch the wrap wire with the pliers so that it is neater and tighter.

Step 3: Head

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Pinch, turn.  Pretty much all.

Step 4: Head & Arms

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Align the head parellel with the arms, the bring the two sides of the head under, and twist like in the body.  Pinch if OCD like me.  Twisting wire around the base, and twisting it through the loop helps it stay on longer.

Step 5: Legs

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Bend the strands up. use 1 piece of copper and wrap, yet again...

Step 6: Weapons

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Weapons are anything you dont want to step on, i.e. toothpicks and metal rods.  also tin foils shields.  Plus parts of my dragon


klixtopher (author)2011-11-30

Nice work, and great job on your first 'ible. Your stop motion work looks great too. Would love to see you do a 'stop motion' instructable.

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