I had this idea of making a desk lamp using copper, walnut and leather. I love the combination of these materials and I thought it would be really cool to create a beautiful light that I could have on my desk and use everyday.

In the video I go over the process of coming up with the design for this lamp and ultimately creating it. Definitely watch the video for a much better perspective on the process and the different steps involved. For this instructable however, I decided to show simply the process of creating the ultimate design.

Step 1: Copper Arm

I used half inch copper pipes and elbow connectors for the arm, so first it was all about decided how large I wanted the fixture - and then cutting the pipes with a pipe cutter.

I really love using the copper pipes - these are half inch, they so cool since you can really be creative and flexible with how large you want something. Once I had the basic style of the arm, I first cut the lamp cord, and then I tried to feed it through all the way, and it was kind of hard to feed it in one shot, so I think I might have to break it up in sections.

<p>The light is awesome</p>
<p>its good looking lamp.. i think better if we can change the lights color.. like mine <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Lumen-Histoire-IoT-App/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Lumen-Histoire-IoT-App/</a></p>
<p>Nice lamp, thanks Linn. Is there any other way to solidly connect copper<br> pipe than soldering? I want to work with copper pipe a bit, but don't <br>really want to invest in the torch or solder (and want to avoid the mess and the copper discoloration due to heat). Does epoxy work? What <br>about gorilla glue? PVC solvent cement? Thanks!</p>
Really nice! I've made a couple like this for gifts, and they were well received. (Also candleholders, I love copper pipe!) I made a huge floor-lamp of copper pipe, with a bare Edison bulb... looks cool, no shade required. Here's a tip for the wiring- you can run a thin piece of wire through (leaving the wire hanging from both ends) and do your soldering, then use that wire to &quot;fish&quot; in your lamp wire - no worries about melting!
<p>Really like it, going to be making one as a Christmas present. Good job!</p>
<p>Darnit! Got scooped. Im making a bedside lamp that looks eerily similar :)</p><p>It looks awesome by the way.</p>
<p>Really good</p>
Awesome project! I bet if you stained the leather darker to match the walnut that wood look pretty great too.
<p>Great looking design!</p>

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