Copper and Aluminum Captain America Shield


Introduction: Copper and Aluminum Captain America Shield

Captain America Shield:
Aluminum base with copper and aluminum accents

All rivets are solid copper or aluminum, set by hand

20” Outside diameter

Rolled aluminum edge to reduce snags

Adjustable arm strap and handle

Weighs about 4lbs.



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    AMAZING! now make a steampunk captain america to go with it.

    Could you make another that is just plain and sell it? I could pay you via PayPal or I could send you cash.

    thanks pretty awesome shield either gonna make a shield like this one or out of a sled

    awesome where did you buy the metal want to make one

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    The aluminum is a mix of online purchases, the hardware store, and scrap from around the garage. The copper is 16oz rolled roof flashing from a local supplier. The rivets came from

    This is awesome. It'll be eligible for the Halloween Props contest later this year, and it could even perform well in that contest with a full tutorial. :D

    That looks amazing! I'm just wondering how you made the blue part in the centre that surrounds the star?

    Well done with the build. It turned out great.