Copper and Aluminum Thor's Hammer


Introduction: Copper and Aluminum Thor's Hammer

Solid aluminum hammer head measures 2 ½” X 2 ½” X 5½”
The 1 1/16” dia. haft is solid aluminum with a copper sleeve. The haft is 8" long and the hammer is 11" long overall.Through the haft is a 14” closed loop of full Persian chainmaile in copper and aluminum rings. The ½” maile rope is constructed of saw cut rings and was commissioned from Jewellery with Hartt on Etsy

The display stand is 4 3/8” X 9” X 3/8” thick solid aluminum.

The hammer does balance on one of the 45 deg. bevel faces but the stand has a riveted support to provide stability while being displayed.

The hammer weighs 4 lbs 6.4 oz. The display stand weighs 1 lb 7.6 oz.



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    Did you have to melt down aluminum and copper to make this?

    You make great projects. People have been commenting how they aren't instructables, but the only thing you should take from this is that they want to know more. You're teasing us with such cool stuff, and we want to know more. Express your knowledge of metal fabrication to the community. I'm not saying you should necessarily edit these, but I would love to see a full Instructable on your field of basic metalworking. I'm not trying to criticize negatively, I'm trying to be constructive. Keep up the great crafting


    Hey! I just started submitting this morning. I tried to submit a photo only vs. a step-by-step. I guess I submitted it wrong... I will see if I correct it. I do plan on documenting some future projects for step-by-step instructables...

    Wasn't trying to be mean, or disrespectful. I meant it when I said it looks nice, just was hoping for info on how it was done. Mold, smelting the aluminum etc.

    No worries! It is 'machined' I guess... lots of cutting with a bandsaw and hacksaw... edges cleaned with a router, drilled the big hole (VERY messy), and hand peened the handle. I etched the hammerhead to get the cast look.

    *see if I CAN correct it...

    Thanks! They are fun to make. I make them in 1.5" pendants and up to this size.