Copper wire wrapped pendant

Picture of Copper wire wrapped pendant
This pendant is made with a fused glass teardrop shaped piece, but you could also use a stone or other items of varying sizes and shapes.
The following technique is easily adapted to suit your requirements.

No expensive equipment required.
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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
  • glass or stone drop of your choice.  The technique described is suitable for stones of varying sizes and shapes
  • 16 gauge wire. I used pure copper wire for this project, but you could substitute with different wire if you prefer.  I order wire from  there are also several suppliers on Etsy.
  • 24 gauge wire. This is the thinner wire for wrapping.
  • 2 jump-rings in the same material you used as wire.  You could also make these yourself from the 16 gauge wire.

  • Wire-cutter
  • pliers
  • Round-nosed pliers
  • flat-nosed pliers
  • Measuring tape

  • Renaissance Wax. This is an anti-tarnish protection wax.  You do not need this if you are using enameled wires or non-tarnish wires.  Pure copper does tarnish, so renaissance wax is recommended to keep your copper clean for longer.  Tarnished items can be easily cleaned with metal-polishes like Brasso or similar.

cusher120 days ago

THANK YOU! I have been trying to figure out how to wrap a number of irregular shaped polished gemstones. This the BEST technique I have found!

jshipley12 months ago

Awesome. Very helpful. I was a little bit stuck on figuring out how to do this style and it got me unstuck so thanks so much for posting it. :)

dougison4 months ago
Very cool idea and fun projects with the kiddos I will repost this at
ConnemaraBlue (author)  dougison4 months ago
Thank you. Please post the direct link when you do, I can't find a craft section on your site.
gbroad4 months ago
An easy way to get the wires real straight is to roll them on a table top using a flat board. The process is similar to rolling out a piece of clay.
ConnemaraBlue (author)  gbroad4 months ago
Hadn't thought of that, thanks for the tip!
sniffydogs4 months ago
Very nice Instructable!
ConnemaraBlue (author)  sniffydogs4 months ago
Thank you :)
OhLeita4 months ago
This is really helpful, I'm always looking for different types of glass to sandblast and yours is beautiful.
ConnemaraBlue (author)  OhLeita4 months ago
Thank you, if you need any of those glass drops, drop us a line on facebook. I still need to photograph them to put them onto our website and etsy page.
SaintSalvage4 months ago
Beautiful! I'm pinning this on Pinterest.
ConnemaraBlue (author)  SaintSalvage4 months ago
Thank you, we appreciate the share on Pinterest.
kz14 months ago
Now I can start making some nice necklaces with my beach treasures. Thanks!
ConnemaraBlue (author)  kz14 months ago
That sounds great, post some photos when you do!
elanna4 months ago
I've always wondered how to do that! Well done!
ConnemaraBlue (author)  elanna4 months ago
Thank you, I'll be posting more soon.
wow nice job!!
Thanks :)
This is gorgeous!!
ConnemaraBlue (author)  emilyvanleemput4 months ago
Thank you!
Nick705874 months ago
That looks really good.
ConnemaraBlue (author)  Nick705874 months ago
Thank you so much :)
Mielameri4 months ago
So beautiful! Looks elven :)
ConnemaraBlue (author)  Mielameri4 months ago
Thank you so much :)

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