Picture of Copy, Stealth, and Burn Xbox 360 Games
This instructable will teach you, in simple words, copy Xbox 360 games. And if you're wondering, it is legal to have game backups, just like DVD backups, but I am not responsible for what you do with the games or how you get them.

Things you need:
  • DL-DVD discs
  • DL-DVD Drive
  • xbox 360 game
  • wxripper (I will provide)
  • xdvdmulleter (I will provide)
  • cloneCD (Click here)
  • mod chip for xbox 360 "*IMPORTANT*"

  • Junk DL-DVD (Just put random junk on it)
  • Paper clip

Picture 1: Courtesy of
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Step 1: Copy the Game

Things to do before starting this video:
  • Plug in your DL-DVD burner
  • Start wxripper

Step 2: Stealth and Burn

Things to do before starting this video:
  • Start xdvdmulleter and cloneCD

Step 4: Have Fun With Your Games

Hopefully, by the time you finish, you will have many games to play without having to worry about them breaking. Like this guy (not me, I wish though.) Although these aren't backup copies of the real games, you could buy empty DVD cases and put your backup copies in there.

Picture 1: Courtesy of
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aeszok2 years ago
doesn't microsoft know that you have a modchip? I heard they do scans and ban hacks from xbox live...
2hot2hack3 years ago
dose anyone know how to put movies on your xbox??
RANDOMUS3R4 years ago
Sick music, what name and band?
 Tearing Away- Drowning pool
Oh thanx man, Sounded familiar.
mrmoneybagss (author)  RANDOMUS3R4 years ago
i dunno. i just found something that sounded descent from itunes.
RANDOMUS3R4 years ago
W0w n3rd h34v3n!!!
noneedto5 years ago

nice man,,,,,,,,,,,you spend like 10k??
mrmoneybagss (author)  noneedto5 years ago
actually i got the picture from...

i know it's a long url
Rich Much?
this is his secret weapon when a date is going bad lol
Guy: Argh! What's wrong with my life, I lost $50 dollars, my girlfriend's dumped me and now I can't even get past level 19 in Portal!!!
bounty10125 years ago
Jesus christ! look at all those games o.O
warwolf7565 years ago
Do you need a mod chip? Because mine is soft modded and I can play burned games
mrmoneybagss (author)  warwolf7565 years ago
you will need a mod chip
flash the 360
The "external" mod chip pictured in step three requires opening the xbox and voiding the warranty, unfortunately.
mrmoneybagss (author)  Awesome Possum5 years ago
it does? O.o how so?
maxpower495 years ago
is this x box live safe
mrmoneybagss (author)  maxpower495 years ago
yes it is!
sweet do you have to take out the mod chip or do you have to play the games on another x box or can you use the same one with the mod chip
mrmoneybagss (author)  maxpower495 years ago
you dont have to take it out, therefore you can use the same xbox. but the chip on step 3 pic 1 you have to turn the chip off.
ac1D5 years ago
1) illegal 2) you did not provide clonecd at all 3) you stole the last photo, do you have the owner permission?
Berserk87 ac1D5 years ago
making person backups is not illegal. no where did he say or hint towards renting games, and cloning them.
mrmoneybagss (author)  Berserk875 years ago
yay! someone is on my side!
I am also on your side!
mrmoneybagss (author)  robert25845 years ago
so is Nationwide? O.o (joke)
Berserk87 ac1D5 years ago
secondly. if you were pirating games by download xbox 360 isos, you need a tool to verify the hashes to make sure its a 1:1 copy.
ac1D Berserk875 years ago
that's false. You can even load modded copy of game on your xbox360.
Berserk87 ac1D5 years ago
without making sure its a 1:1 copy (ie. you downloaded the image instead of doing it yourself the proper way) then you'll get the ban hammer from xbox live.
ac1D Berserk875 years ago
Most ppl survive the ban wave. Just patch your game properly(stealth).
mrmoneybagss (author)  ac1D5 years ago
i believe in step 2 xdvdmulleter stealths the backup
mrmoneybagss (author)  ac1D5 years ago
1. *sigh* this is legal. legal assuming that you aren't going to blockbusters, rent games, and copy them.
2. updated.
3. permission granted.
ac1D ac1D5 years ago
+last photo are not burned game.
sandor125 years ago
You can legally do this if it is the original game and you are the original owner of the game. It becomes illegal when you rent, sell, or give away backup copies of the game. If you no longer own the original game you must get rid of any of the backups for that game.
mrmoneybagss (author)  sandor125 years ago
that's called pirating.
i dont do that. =D
42nickd5 years ago
Thank you, I am getting sick of buying the same game over and over again. Now I just need to get a mod chip.
no need for a mod chip its called flashing your drives firmware chekc out some tuts on the net for it iXtreme Firmware 1.5 no mod chip needed but if you have a liteon drive its really hard but now possible
this is true, but I gotta dish out some bucks either way, no sata support on the dell.... and my gateway is a laptop... Thanks for the advice though :)
okoshima5 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Well if your gonna turn him in you better turn me in too...I have backups of all my games... and my box is hacked too. Its not illegal. 1.) The dmca allows you to copy digital media you own for backup purposes. 2.) There are plenty of legitimate reasons to do this. I personal do it so i can preserve the original cd. I have had to burn call of duty world at war 7 times now because of the xboxs flaw in which it scratches an irreprable groove into the cd. Had I not been playing backups but been playing the original like you want me to, I would have had to shell out over 350 bucks for just one game.... thats more than the console itself costs. If you take a cd that has been scratched back to the store they say it is the console makers fault and if you take it to Microsoft they say it is not a flaw with there system although every xbox i have ever seen has done it. So in that instance alone it warrants backing up your games. As far as hacking the Xbox itself there is nothing wrong with that either unless you put on copyrighted information which you don't have to on the 360... you had to on the original xbox but the 360 uses none of the code from the 360 illegally. Other reasons i have heard for backing up games and this is a big one is little heathen kids that can't take a cd out of a console without ruining it. I swear same kids you look at the cd and it looks like they have been butting pizza with it. then you have people that back up the game... play the backups and when they are tired of the game the go to a gamestop and sell it and in like new condition. Legitimate ones will destroy the backups they have others arent so honest. Copying the game even in this instance is not illegal. It only becomes illegal when the person no longer owns the game and keeps the copy. But you werent saying that you were saying it illegal to even copy them. then you have people like my brother that refuses to put a new game into an xbox because it will scratch it. every original disk he has is pristeen. you also have the people that do it just cause they can. so whatever the reason not only is it legal but even if it wasn't i can't believe you are sitting here saying I'm telling mommy on you. Do you realize just how much stuff on this site is illegal? They have a silencer on here you can make for a paintball gun.....Illegal! I mean come on... Maybe you would be better off going to disneys website were everything is cheery
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