This instructable will teach you, in simple words, copy Xbox 360 games. And if you're wondering, it is legal to have game backups, just like DVD backups, but I am not responsible for what you do with the games or how you get them.

Things you need:
  • DL-DVD discs
  • DL-DVD Drive
  • xbox 360 game
  • wxripper (I will provide)
  • xdvdmulleter (I will provide)
  • cloneCD (Click here)
  • mod chip for xbox 360 "*IMPORTANT*"

  • Junk DL-DVD (Just put random junk on it)
  • Paper clip

Picture 1: Courtesy of techblend.co.cc

Step 1: Copy the Game

Things to do before starting this video:
  • Plug in your DL-DVD burner
  • Start wxripper

dose anyone know how to put movies on your xbox??
doesn't microsoft know that you have a modchip? I heard they do scans and ban hacks from xbox live...
Sick music, what name and band?
&nbsp;Tearing Away- Drowning pool
Oh thanx man, Sounded familiar.
i dunno. i just found something that sounded descent from itunes.<br />
W0w n3rd h34v3n!!!
WOOOOOOW XBOX HEAVEN xD<br /> <br /> nice man,,,,,,,,,,,you spend like 10k??
actually i got the picture from...<br /> <br /> http://redirectingat.com/?id=487X782&amp;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.gamepro.com%2Farticle%2Fnews%2F184848%2Fxbox-360-fanatic-spends-thousands-to-play-games-on-a-sony-tv%2F<br /> <br /> i know it's a long url<br />
Rich Much?
this is his secret weapon when a date is going bad lol
Guy: Argh! What's wrong with my life, I lost $50 dollars, my girlfriend's dumped me and now I can't even get past level 19 in Portal!!!
Jesus christ! look at all those games o.O
Do you need a mod chip? Because mine is soft modded and I can play burned games
you <strong>will</strong> need a mod chip<br/><strong>-or-</strong><br/>flash the 360<br/>
The "external" mod chip pictured in step three requires opening the xbox and voiding the warranty, unfortunately.
it does? O.o how so?
is this x box live safe
yes it is!
sweet do you have to take out the mod chip or do you have to play the games on another x box or can you use the same one with the mod chip
you dont have to take it out, therefore you can use the same xbox. but the chip on step 3 pic 1 you have to turn the chip off.
1) illegal 2) you did not provide clonecd at all 3) you stole the last photo, do you have the owner permission?
making person backups is not illegal. no where did he say or hint towards renting games, and cloning them.
yay! someone is on my side!
I am also on your side!
so is Nationwide? O.o (joke)
secondly. if you were pirating games by download xbox 360 isos, you need a tool to verify the hashes to make sure its a 1:1 copy.
that's false. You can even load modded copy of game on your xbox360.
without making sure its a 1:1 copy (ie. you downloaded the image instead of doing it yourself the proper way) then you'll get the ban hammer from xbox live.
Most ppl survive the ban wave. Just patch your game properly(stealth).
i believe in step 2 xdvdmulleter stealths the backup
1. *sigh* this is legal. legal assuming that you aren't going to blockbusters, rent games, and copy them.<br/>2. updated.<br/>3. permission granted.<br/>
+last photo are not burned game.
You can legally do this if it is the original game and you are the original owner of the game. It becomes illegal when you rent, sell, or give away backup copies of the game. If you no longer own the original game you must get rid of any of the backups for that game.
that's called pirating.<br/>O.o<br/>i dont do that. =D<br/>
Thank you, I am getting sick of buying the same game over and over again. Now I just need to get a mod chip.
no need for a mod chip its called flashing your drives firmware chekc out some tuts on the net for it iXtreme Firmware 1.5 no mod chip needed but if you have a liteon drive its really hard but now possible
this is true, but I gotta dish out some bucks either way, no sata support on the dell.... and my gateway is a laptop... Thanks for the advice though :)

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