I needed to digitalize some old books from my library, and after seeing the solutions offered by the web, I decided to make my own with minimal cost and time sparing.


Ikea Drommar Cookie Sheet 6.99 USD

Extendable Handheld Telescopic Self-portrait Tripod Monopod For Camera from Banggood and other sites for 4.60 USD

1/4 Inch Dual Gold Nuts Tripod Mount Screw To Camera Hot Shoe Adapter from Banggood and other sites 1.92 USD

You just have to drill a 6mm hole in the cookie sheet, insert the shoe adapter with the nut to fix it and screw the tripod...DONE!

<p>Awesome! This really came in handy.</p>
<p>Excellent solution to a perenial problem, thanks:-)</p>
Wonderful! I hope to see more projects.
<p>Bravo on speeding up a very lengthy process, still boring yes but better definitely. Thanks for sharing!</p>

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