Copy Your Keys With SUGRU





Introduction: Copy Your Keys With SUGRU

Lost a key & want to -make- a new one? Use SUGRU to shape a key with Epoxy.

Step 1: Prepare the Key

Step 2: Use a Holder

Step 3: Insert the SUGRU in the Holder

Step 4: Put the Key in the SUGRU

Step 5: Press the SUGRU So the Key Will Be Formed

Step 6: Add Epoxy Too the Key

Step 7: Use the Malls to Insert Epoxy

Step 8: Wait for 10 Minutes & You Have Made Yourself a New Key!



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    First useful instructable on Sugru I have seen. Thanks for sharing.

    Does anyone know if there's a way to request an instructable be removed?

    This one is at the top of my list.

    think about a flag...

    Pay the $2 for a double-sided key at your Home Center. Much cheaper to make a few spares. Safer,too. I imagine that epoxy dust(from the grinding action) would get into the cylinder.I agree that this was a 'secret ad'.

    This is a Sugru ad. Every instructible KoenA1 has done is a quicky Sugru "project".

    This isn't a very good or clever instructable. I would've liked to see the finished product instead of a stock photo. Also, how did you attach the epoxy key to a handle? Does it last for more than a few uses? I imagine the teeth would be worn down by the cylinders, filling the lock with epoxy filings.

    Do you have a photo of the finished key made of epoxy? The one here looks like a stock photo and I'm interested in know how well the copy works compared to the original. My car key cost $135 a piece and it would be nice to have an emergency copy in my wallet.

    This probably wouldn't work for your car keys. Expensive car keys are expenses because of a special transponder microchip in the base of the key, not because of the physical metal key. So while you could make a key that could open the doors and such, that key would be unable to actually turn the car on.

    I got keys coppied last week for less than a dollar a piece... is this really worth it?

    Some keys are more expensive. While typical house keys (such as C or KW1 types) are cheap, there are some types of keys, such as those for dimple locks, that are much more expensive. Also, some keys have special control measures against copying them: if you took one of those to a locksmith, you would also need to present a legal document authorizing copies before he could legally duplicate the key.