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Introduction: Copycat Recipe Bob's Pickle Popsicles

About: I am married with two children. Spring, summer, and fall are my very favorite times of the year. I enjoy working in the yard, sewing, cooking, quilting, gardening, and creating. I do this to keep my sanity.

I recently looked for a copycat recipe for Bob's Dill Pickle Juice Popsicle and all I could find were pickle juice Popsicle's. I made three and tested them on my guys. They really puckered up and mentioned that they were very vinegary. I tried one and whew they were terrible! I looked at Bob's website and read that all they use were pickles and pickle juice and squeezed the pickle and the skins to get the juice and add a little brine. His article shares interesting information about the benefits of vinegar in reducing sugar levels up to 35% with diabetics and it is a popular sports remedy for leg cramps. I posted an instructable about this a couple of years ago. Here is a study he listed that was done on vinegar: See study results here: .

To squeeze the most out of your summer, you should try pickle Popsicle's! They are a healthier snack than regular Popsicle's filled with sugar and are very tasty! If you are a pickle addict these are spot on for a summer treat that is not sweet! Lets make some now. Oh yeah if you like this tutorial please vote when the button is up there! Thanks in advance!

Step 1: Ingredients and Supplies

This is what you will need for a sampler:

6-9 baby dill Pickles (regular flavored) ( I used a few to test to see if we liked them before making a larger recipe).

3-9 Tablespoons of pickle juice

Seasonings of choice but not necessary

Pop molds or I used a cookie wrapper made of plastic and some wooden spoons. A condiment cup is the perfect size for this type of Popsicle. ( I discovered this after this instructable was posted).

Cookie sheet, plate, spoon, scissors, zip lock bags, blender.

Step 2: Chop Pickles

Chop the pickles and pour the juice into a small condiment cup.

Step 3: Blend

Place the pickles into the blender and blend for a minute or so and then . . .

Add the desired amount of pickle juice to achieve the flavor and consistency you desire.

You may add what ever seasonings you want as well. I would add a little at a time until you get the taste you like.

We made different kinds after the sample batch using dill then garlic, and made some with jalapenos. My son liked the jalapeno the best. I loved the texture of the Popsicle.

Blend until smooth.

Step 4: Pour Into the Molds

Time to pour the mixture into the molds!

To make the mold I cut one end with the scissors to poke the spoons through.

Then I laid a plate over the cookie sheet to tilt the form so the juice did not leak.

I spooned the juice into the mold a little below the holes in the mold.

It worked perfectly.

I made my own mold because I could not imagine eating an entire dill popsicle using a regular mold. Bob's pickle pops are about 2oz so that is the size of mold I would use. Most people are making them larger so it might not matter. This is just my opinion and I am a pickle lover but not an addict.

Step 5: Make Extra

Remove the pops from the molds and place them into zip lock bags so you don't need to fiddle with removing them from the molds everytime you want one.

After testing the pickle pops I made a few extra pickle pops so when my husband's sugar is too high or he gets a leg cramp he can grab one.

Step 6: Sunshiines Final Thoughts

4 & 2 thumbs says these were super awesome (my thumbs were too busy taking pictures to be shown. Wow I was totally amazed. I loved them more than regular pickles. They had a nice crunch. If you are interested n the health benefits of pickles it is best to buy the organic dills or use raw apple cider vinegar to make your own. Next year the Popsicle's are going to be extra delicious because the pickles will be home grown and homemade! Drooling now.

I made a recipe card to put in my box. I hope this tutorial will inspire you to make some for your family and friends. They are the perfect summer treat. If you make these this please share! Thanks for stopping by and . . . . . . ~ Have an awesome summer ~

I like to take a moment to thank instructables and contributors for making this community a great sharing experience. Keep it green and healthy ~ Sunshiine

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Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. My guys loved these. Have a great day!

Sorry I did not see you comment. Do you use lemon? I think it would depend on the flavor. Lemon might be good. Thanks so much for commenting and do have a splendorous day!


Hej sunshiine

Congrats to you too!

Have you seen? - Your Popsicle pictures are on the frontpage!
Man, they look so great - I need to try them ASAP ;)

1 reply

I did see that. I was quite surprised and delighted! Thanks spunk. Hope you do try them.


mmm looks great! I love pickles and will definitely be trying this recipe out!

hi, and thanks.

just one question: please tell me what kind of candy you found to have that type of plastic mold? thanks!

4 replies

Thank you for stopping by and I am always happy to help. Hope you have a happy summer!

I made a mistake, it was a Clover Valley Fig Bar cookie package. It was very thin plastic but it made a great mold. Thanks for asking and I hope you try the mold. I liked the texture it made. Have a great day.


I love this idea! I've thought to do it myself because I love me a shot glass of pickle juice now and again. I usually use pickles and juice from my home fermented pickles. Because they are made by using only filtered water and salt the flavor of the juice is awesome. As they ferment somehow the vegetables and the salt make the juice taste just the right sour. I don't even like vinegar pickles that much anymore. Try it with home fermented pickles/juice. You'll be surprised how good it is.

1 reply

I can imagine how delicious homemade would be. I will give it a try next year! Thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous summer!


This sound so crazy... crazy genius!

I've never heard about savory ice cream before, but these pops make perfectly sense to me. Since your body looses a lot of salt while sweating in the summer sun...putting salt back into you body via ice pops is a great idea.

I want to try this as well with sauerkraut and kimchi!

(And I really like your molds - they look so fancy!)

1 reply

Oh my that sounds so good after trying these. Thanks so much for commenting and do have a nice summer!


We used to stick popsicle sticks in whole Dills and freeze them. Called them picklesicles. They're yummy and have a nice texture that isn't as rock hard as a typical popsicles.

1 reply

I will have to try that. Picklesicles it a great name! Thanks for sharing and do have a great summer!


Even reading this, I am not sure about dill pickle pops, but the thumbs up convinces me I should try it. I love dill pickles and I love popsicles, so I am hoping this will be a great treat to grab after working out in the garden. Thank you for the easy to follow and adorable instructable.