Copycat Clif Bars





Introduction: Copycat Clif Bars

For my engineering class at Centaurus High School, I had to enter an instructables challenge. I wanted something that could be finished quickly and didn't require spending a lot of money on materials, so I chose copycat recipes. I eat clif bars every day, and I often wish that more flavors were available, so I researched clif bar recipes and put this together based on other recipes. This recipe makes around thirty bars.

Step 1: Gather the Ingredients and Materials

  1. Peanut butter (or nutella for chocolate flavor - also recommended if using fruit)
  2. Cocoa powder (if you're using peanut butter but want chocolate flavor)
  3. Oats
  4. Honey
  5. Fruit (optional)
  6. Blender or food processor (if using large fruit)
  7. Wax paper
  8. Cookie sheet
  9. Knife

Step 2: Prepare the Fruit

If you're using large fruit, put it in a food processor or a blender. If you're using smaller fruit like I did, skip this step because the blender will just toss around the fruit.

Step 3: Mix the Ingredients.

1 cup peanut butter or nutella

1 cup oats

1 cup honey

1/4 cup cocoa powder (optional)

Mix in a large bowl and spread on a cookie sheet.

Step 4: Freeze and Serve.

Freeze, cut, and serve. Best if eaten soon after being removed from freezer.



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