You know you get crazy cravings for certain random foods?  Usually from a place that is either far, far away or no longer open?

Crazy Bread from Little Caesar's (an American pizza chain) is one of my cravings from when I used to live in the States.  Ever since I randomly found a copycat recipe a few weeks ago I've not been able to get them out of my mind.  Soft, slightly chewy and laden with butter, garlic and parmesan...mmmmm....They were so good that my sister and I used to fight about who had the most breadsticks and mum had to intervene (I might add that we had the same fights about who had the biggest Yorkshire pudding...)

Step 1:

To start with, gently stir the yeast into the warm water and left for about 5 minutes.
<p>I wonder if you could put cheese insi</p>
<p>I worked for Little Caesar's as a general manager for 2 years. The regular pizza dough &amp; the Crazy Bread is made out of the same dough. The Italian Cheese Bread - my all time favorite - is made from the dough for the pan (thick) pizza. 63michaelD. is right when he says that real butter is better for the garlic sauce. The crap that they have now that they brush on it is hardly anything more than thick grease with garlic flavoring. It tastes good, though &amp; I do eat it when I'm too tired or too lazy to make my own, lol... :)</p>
<p>I worked at Little Caesar's for 10 years and the Parmesean that is sprinkled on is a blend of 5lbs of parm to 1 cup of Kosher salt. Before they went to the premix Garlic spread it was 2lbs of butter to 4 oz. of minced garlic for the butter spread. As we all know everything is better with REAL Butter YUM</p>
I actually worked at little Caesars-- you cut the dough before you bake it and you brush the buttery garlic spread after it's done baking and Shake Parmesan cheese on top :) <br><br>Thanks for the recipe, I am excited to try it out! There isn't a little Caesars close to me and even though I worked there for almost two years i still love their pizza and breadsticks!!
Haha. Nvm
Am I blind or is there not a list of ingredients :$
We were just talking about crazy bread this afternoon, and lo &amp; behold, an instructable! Clearly this is a sign... :-)
It is a sign! They're easier to make than you think so get that oven on!
Mmmm! Gotta try it!
I crave it all the time!!!! Thanks for the instructable!!!

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