Copying DVDs -- FREE and Legally!!!


Introduction: Copying DVDs -- FREE and Legally!!!

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There, with that out of the way, let me explain a little about this. You can copy any DVD, and I mean any. It just uses this free software. It is safe to download.

It is nice to have around. I have a ton of movies and made about a billion (not a billion, I'm just making a point :-) copies that I can watch over and over again. That way if something happens to one disk, I still have a backup!!

Now if you are still interested, go to the next step!

One more thing, if you copy a DVD using this Instructable, leave a comment for me and rate it please!

Step 1: Getting the Program

There are just a few things you need before we get started:

1. DVD burning drive
2. Blank DVDs
3. DVD Shrink
4. Time

Once you have these things, you can go to the next step.
DVD Shrink is the software program you need. Go here to get it:

You need time because this thing takes some time to decrypt and burn.

This should only take a few minutes to download. When prompted, click save, then save it to the desktop.

When it has finished download, run the wizard to install it then proceed to my next step.

Step 2: Using the Program

If you want to make a 1:1 copy of the disk, click on the Full Disk button, then on the Open Disk button. At this point you want to have inserted your disk into the DVD drive in your computer. You want to select your disk from the menu and hit OK. It then will analyze the DVD. When it is done hit the backup button. You might see an error like this. Just select the preselected one.

At that point you can just hit the Back Up! button and follow the self explanatory steps to burn. Just select your DVD burner drive and look around at the other tabs. Then hit ok. However if you just want the main movie and not all of the other stuff on the DVD, you should proceed to my next step to make just a Reauthored version of it.

I don't use the Full Backup that often, so sorry for the short explanation on it.

Step 3: Using the Program Cont.

This time we are going to Reauthor the disk, meaning only include the main movie part.

Click the Reauthor button. You will see the list of things on the right. If your movie is in the disk drive, it should show up under Devices with Removable Storage. You want to double click on the movie and wait for it to load.

Then you select Title 1, if possible, nothing else. You then have to wait for it to Analise. This usually only takes a couple minutes.

Once that is done on the top left side, you will see your DVD. Near the top right of this box is a picture with two arows facing each other, click this button. This is the start/end frames set button. To reduce burn time and compression, take the bottom bar and slide it left to the start of the credits. This takes the credits out.

A little more about compression. Click the Compression Settings tab now at the top right. Notice the bar at the top. Green means it will fit on the DVD, and red means it won't fit, so if it doesnt fit, take off all languages EXCEPT and english ones. Leave those on or you wont have any audio. Although you can take off all audio EXCEPT number 1, if you choose, but thats what i recommend. Set the compression thing for automatic, and everything should fit on the DVD fine.

Now with that set up, click on the Backup! button. Select the DVD drive to burn with, but leave in the store bought DVD for now! Also make a folder on your desktop to hold temporary burn files. These can be deleted later. Before you burn make sure to select this folder to hold the temporary files. It will spit it out and tell you to put in a blank one when its time to burn. You can select regions to let the DVD play in. I dont plan on taking these out of the U.S., Canada, or Mexico, so I only select Region 1. But its up to you. And i always choose Maximun Smoothness in the next tab. I cant stand jittery films, thats why i choose that. Finally you can start the Backup process.

Remember, this will take some time! So be patient!

Once you have burned successfully, you can delete the temporary files.

However if you want to save the DVD to your computer to watch, please go to my next step.

Step 4: Finished!

I hoped everything works out good for you! And questions just comment me and I will get back to you asap with answers! Please vote on this for that book contest!!

The DVD should now be completed either way you did it!



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    This is not even remotely legal

    The only way this could be legal is if you owned of the content on the original dvds, but you said "billions of movies"...

    Not only is what you're suggesting illegal, it is VERY illegal, a federal crime.

    1 reply

    Actually, if he intended to re-sell the movies, it would be illegal... However, if he decides to do this for personal use only, it's perfectly fine... Otherwise if it WAS illegal to do this, then it would be likewise illegal to take the original disk and give it to a friend after you got bored with the movie. It would further be illegal for thrift shops to re-sell the original movies as well...

    Quick question... I don't care to copy and burn the DVD... But rather just rip it from the DVD to a flash drive... Much like ripping music from a CD. Does this program do that?

    Thank You so much! This worked great. Even my Disney Movies copied with no problems. Thanks again. My five year old now can have a copy at Mommy's and Grandma's house!

    I also found a easy to understand guide about how to copy, rip and burn DVD. is the newest, the fastest and most reliable DVD Copying and Burning Software available on the market today. It boasts of all the features found in all DVD Burning Software Programs – all rolled into one package!

    I am having trouble copying my movies that are from Sony and most Disney. Anybody else having this trouble?

    every time I try this it tells me that there was an error reading the E: drive, any reason why?


    if you do the compression thing there will be no end credits or just the end credits will be compressed

    So i'm unsure of something- Do you need 2 separate dvd drives?- one to read it one to copy it, or do you only need one disc drive and you read the disc then take it out then put a blank disc in and burn onto it? mdog

    2 replies

    you put the movie in a dvd drive that you want to copy. the program will analyze and decode it, it will then spit the disc out and ask for a blank disc. Put the blank one in and it will burn. You need to have a dvd burner

    yeah that's what I thought, it must save the files in a temporary folder then write it from there. Thanks for clearing that up mdog

    how is this legal?

    As long as you dont sell it,you should be fine...............or maybe not.

    You are legally allowed to keep a backup of any DVD you own on your hard drive.

    Under the DMCA it's illegal to bypass encryption to do it though. Yes, legally you have a right to keep a backup copy, but under the DMCA you can't bypass copy protection to do it. Yes, it's stupid.

    Well, that is definitely stupid.

    Hmn since I have only 1 dvd drive i don't need copiers bcz i know 1 secret that let me to copy a music concert which was copy protected and nero or any other dvd copying program didn't let me copy :P