Do you find copyright law as confusing as figuring out which glove goes on which hand? If you do, then have I got the invention for you! I present to you now the Copyright and Copyleft gloves. With their unique integrated design, the Copyright and Copyleft Gloves both enable you to quickly differentiate left from right and familiarize yourself with the ongoing intellectual property debate. Never be confused again!

Make your own today! This project is in the Public Domain.

(This idea courtesy of Dr. David H. Grosof - visionary, trivia master and all around mensch. One day he walked past me as I was aimlessly embroidering dozens of copyright symbols and asked "Copyright and copyleft gloves?" And at the moment it was decided, "Yes. Copyright and copyleft gloves.")

Step 1: Go Get Stuff

You will need:

A Singer Futura embroidery machine
Heavy fabric
Winter gloves
A sewing need
<p>This is really a great project. This is exactly what I love about Instructables, i.e. something fun and easy to make but also really deep intellectually!</p><p>Thought-provoking, and I also really like your own integrity, i.e. your willingness to cite your source, Dr. David Grosof. In that regard you're a מענטש&lrm; (mensch) yourself, i.e. a person of integrity, a scholar, and a maker at heart.</p><p>Attached are pictures of a chair I made for an exhibit at San Francisco Art Institute. The chair has spikes that retract when you insert a credit card to download a seating license.</p>
I have never been able to tell left from right, and I have used various means of deciding on the right direction.&nbsp; I use my wedding ring now.&nbsp; But, as for the gloves, they are really cute.&nbsp; The problem with the C's in real life applications is that most individuals who confuse sides are also dyslexic.&nbsp; That is why holding up your two hands with the thumbs stretched down looking for the &quot;L&quot; does not help much, either.&nbsp; With my dyslexic students, I often place a red band on the Right wrist when directionallity is important.&nbsp;
It's easy to tell left from right, make your index finger and thumb into the letter &quot;L&quot; the one that looks like an &quot;L&quot; is left, the one that's backwards is right. TA-DA!
I considered making them two different colors at first, but then I couldn't decide what colors and for the sake of keeping the project easy, I decided to make them both the same. I imagine that changing the thread color for the second patch may help? <br />
For different colors? Heck, make one in reverse to the other... if the master is orange on yellow, make the other yellow on orange! Just be sure your threads for embroidery match the fabric of the other backing. <br> <br>Oh, and a wonbderful idea to avoid ruining waterproofing - use that iron-on glue stuff (generic name Stitch-Witchery) or even the fabric glue used for crafting or for adhering velcro strapping. No punctures of the fabric = no violation of the 'proofing'. <br> <br>A variation of this could be a capital &quot; R &quot; and its mirror-image (those comic book fans might live this) <br> <br>Think about it, and you could think up any number of variations...
i guess this would be great for those who are right-left challenged (i have never been) but i do know that the&nbsp;stitching would make the gloves no longer waterproof.&nbsp;
It is in my experience that winter gloves, no matter how well they may seem, shovel your driveway in Michigan winter, and you will see just how <em><strong>FAIL</strong></em> the waterproofing is.&nbsp;
Specialized gloves/ snowgear are marked on How long the water proofing is good for. ie. My snow gear will last me 6 hours on the mountain until, i start to slowly freeze to death. :P
Yes. After two hours in the snow, I can attest that these gloves are in no way waterproof (regardless of stitching).<br />
&nbsp;My attorney says I can't reproduce the right glove without your direct written consent.
I believe the statement, &quot;Make your own today! This project is in the Public Domain.&quot; constitutes proper consent. Unless, of course, the copyright symbol cannot have a less restrictive license applied to it. In that case, you may only make the left glove. <br /> <br />
I am so glad this joke got made. <br><br>Can I also suggest adding an SA to the left glove? Then anything you make with your left hand would be automatically licensed.
I just may go with this one. Love it!<br><br>as I saw no copyright mark ON the copyleft mark.<br><br>Too funny.
But does that not mean that the gloves appear to be on the wrong hands to an external viewer?
.... as opposed to an &quot;internal viewer&quot;? ;-)
actually, from their perspective, it would be correct! <br />
Very funny - I love a bit of wordplay of a morning!
You made me laugh out loud.&nbsp; Very clever.<br />
Haha nice<br />
Now all you need is a copywrong scarf.
Too bad I&nbsp;couldn't just wear these all day, even when I'm not in the snow... They might make things difficult though :P&nbsp;
I wan;t one of those machines!
&nbsp;Can I use this idea?<br /> Or it's cover by copyright....or copyleft? <br /> <br /> This's the question!<br />
This is a pun as egregious as those found in Xanth...&nbsp; I love it!&nbsp; (Author Piers Anthony, in case there are legal issues...)
I&nbsp;love it. Are you&nbsp; going to branch out into clothes.&nbsp; I&nbsp;can just see the back end of everyone on a street sporting these. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> the best ideas are usually the simplest ideas!<br />
HAHAHAAAAA!!!! That's awesome!!!<br />
&nbsp;I would comment on the adorable nature of these gloves, but I wouldn't want to comment without a letter of authorization from the intellectual owner of these gloves.
I don't think the copyright symbol is valid without the date of publication and author's full name, so you should be able to praise them all you wish. <br />
Creative Commons?&nbsp; Copy Cat!<br />

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