Last summer at a convention, I cosplayed as the Other Mother from Coraline, and my friend cosplayed as the Other Wybie. I cannot wear contacts, so I made myself some prescription button eyes, while I made my friend non prescription ones. 

This is much better than using giant buttons which have very limited visibility. 

My friend claims he had perfect vision out of his button eyes, while mine minimally hurt my vision (the prescription lenses had different clarity depending on what angle I was looking out of them). 

Step 1: Materials

 Prescription glasses with round lenses (I bought this pair: http://www.zennioptical.com/cart/product.php?productid=815 for $9.95. If they are not available anymore, search around the website and you should be able to find a suitable pair). 

If making non prescription lenses, either use plexiglass or you could potentially find pre-cut glass circles (used in photography I think). 
Heat gun
Dremel tool with a sand grinder
Black Model Magic air dry clay by Crayola
soapy water (should be in a spray bottle, but I just dabbed it on)
Exacto knife or box cutter
Circle cutter or compass
Masking tape
Hole punch (1/8'' hole)
Limo tint - can be bought in huge rolls, but you possibly could find some scraps at a place that tints windows or on ebay. Or PM me. I have a huge roll and I could potentially ship you some if you pay for shipping. 
<p>Thanks for the awesome tutorial- my button eyes were a big hit! In case anyone is interested in making these, I just popped some lenses out of some round costume glasses for the base, and called a nearby window tinting shop and they were happy to hook me up with some free scraps.</p>
This is an amazing idea!!! They are perfect! Would you be interested in making a pair and selling them?
My best friend is having a 'cute as a button' themed baby shower next year, and I'm planning on making some of these for it. The kids will love it, thabks so much for the tutorial!
<p>Would this work if I used pre-cut circles of plexiglass?</p>
i wear glasses and this would be an AWESOME project. i totally want to do this :-)
This is great. My friend has been looking for something like this for a while. Definitely passing this along for the sake of Other Father.
Limo tint! Duh! Clever! Also @hollye the round sunglasses is good, combine with the rest of this would save you a few steps.
Those are crazy cool! Nice idea :)
Mine are drying as I type this.
Are the glasses themselves good quality?
The ones I buy off of zennioptical are good quality. After adding the tint, it's like wearing sunglasses, which is inconvenient indoors. Also, certain angles are better to look through than others and I believe I frequently forgot which eye was which because I didn't label them right away. Certainly not something that would be safe to drive with, but it was fine for walking around inside and outside, but a bit difficult to watch anime/movies that were screening at the time.
Great idea. Thanks for the instructable.<br><br>Most important first - DON'T breathe in glass dust!<br>This is something that's not commonly understood as a danger / risk. But as an example, i remember a 'warning' sent to me by an archaeologist who used a grinder on a dig without a mask, just once, and shortened his life-span by about 10 years. He was cutting rock, but glass is the same thing (silica) and it's when tiny shards are created that it becomes a problem. If anyone would like more info, let me know, or look up 'silicosis'.<br><br>If you're getting fumes from the plastic of any kind (incl. perspex / plexiglass) then you're cutting it too fast. Try using a hand saw to cut a piece of roughly the right size and then sand it down to the perfect shape. (PS: depending on the plastic, the fumes from melting it can be very toxic.)<br><br>I know i sound like a nanny about the dangers, but it's the reality of what you're dealing with.
Thankfully most glasses aren't made of glass nowadays, although I do have one friend who gets them specially made. It's all plastic. But still would be awful to breathe in any plastic dust.
Hi, how did you get the clay to stick to the lenses? Maybe I'm using some rogue clay (same brand, crayola model magic) but it's very difficult to mould and it won't stick at all. :( great instructable though.
Disregard this comment- I found a way around using the clay by painting two layers of puff paint around the edges instead. :)
It was less 'stuck' than just molded around and left to dry. Didn't move at all after it was dry. Glad you got the puff paint to work though, I tried that at first but it was too runny for me (or I just used too much paint).
I'm in the process of making these now for a voodoo doll costume for Halloween, and I just printed black discs (with 4 clear holes in the middle) onto clear plastic projector paper at work, rather than use the limo tint. Just in case you have free office supplies at your disposal. ;)
I lov lov lov lov lov lov lov it! Coraline is legit!
could you use a blank CD for the lenses cause they just cut with scissors and with a little sandpaper and friction their smooth as a new cadilac!
Awsome idea and look! creepy and cool. now just to make a giant mechanical praying mantis-car...
i cant wait to make them! did they ever fall of, even if you jump or run?
draw something like the funny eyes on&nbsp;it &nbsp;haha
you look like ozzy osourne without the wrinkels LOL
&nbsp;perhaps you could get some place like lens crafters to cut &nbsp;some discs out of blanks. they might even have non prescription blanks.&nbsp;
Fantastic idea and execution!&nbsp;Good job.<br />
Oh man, that is absolutely creepy!&nbsp; Totally awesome, five stars for you!&nbsp; Do you have pictures of the full costume?<br />
&nbsp;yup:<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/27430210@N03/4311445958/" rel="nofollow">&nbsp;www.flickr.com/photos/27430210@N03/4311445958/</a><br /> A lot of people refused to look at me when they talked to me because the eyes were too creepy.<br /> <br />
Wow, that's great!&nbsp; My daughter walked in while I was looking at the picture, you should have seen the look on her face!&nbsp; Thanks for sharing wolfybrie.<br />
I love this, and three cheers for making it work so well! <br /> How well did they stay on, and would they hold up against sweat and makeup?
&nbsp;They stayed on my face until I took them off. My friend on the other had did not have so much luck. Maybe if I painted the back of his with some sort of glaze or used an air dry polymer clay, they would have stuck. It didn't help that he was blow drying his hair while wearing them.&nbsp;<br /> Makeup was no problem at all. I think I put them on after makeup.&nbsp;
<a href="http://twitter.com/neilhimself/status/8299607982">http://twitter.com/neilhimself/status/8299607982<br /> </a>
my inner steampunk sees uses for this build<br />
I was just looking for instructions on how to make these, except I&nbsp;was just going to use round black sun glass lenses and paint on the button holes. This is awesome though! Way to go! <br />
&nbsp;If you use round sunglass lenses that were dark enough, you could just drill holes for buttons and the put on a rim.&nbsp;
Pretty good for halloween....&nbsp;
I have to make these.........nuff said<br />
Freakin sweet!<br />

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