Picture of Cobra Weave Key Fob
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You may have seen my instructables on paracord bracelets, well this is the same design with a few variations.  I used to reach in my pockets and have to search for my keys.  Now i reach in and go right for the key fob.  These can be all one color, or multi colored. 
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
-6ft of gutted paracord or 3ft of two different colors (always good to start with extra)
-Another piece, size depends on how long you want it, 3ft is good to start with (not gutted)
Both will be trimmed and melted when finished.

Step 2: Lanyard Knots

You need to make two lanyard knots, one creating a loop, one ending the bracelet.  All of the instructions are shown through the pictures.

Step 3: Cobra Weave

Multi-colored instructions
Single colored instruction

-Tie the two colors together using a square knot or melt them together
-Put the piece behind the other piece with lanyard knots, equally on both sides (Square knot centered)
Create an "S" with the piece on the right and then take the piece on the left and slide it through the bottom part of the "S"  and then behind the middle and up through the left side.
-Pull tight and repeat.
-I recently saw the Paracord Survival Necklace in which there is a flint inside of the cobra weave.  That idea can be easily included in this as well.  Just place your flint steel in between the two lanyard knots and continue as if it weren't there.  If you make a longer key fob with the flint steel it can easily be considered a Survival Key Fob.

Step 4: Variations

Picture of Variations
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These can be made into
-zipper pulls
-Self Defense (Longer so that you can swing keys at attacker)
-Knife lanyard

Have fun, and leave a comment on what else these could be used for.

batonas3 years ago
put a monkey fist at the end of yors Cobra Weave, sould look nice.
adsandy5 years ago
What is this knot called?
tevers94 (author)  adsandy5 years ago
Well, a lanyard knot is all i have ever heard it referred to as. Sorry if this doesn't help
I have always heard this knot called a Diamond knot, only here have I heard it called a lanyard knot. It is a modified Carrick Bend. A complete Carrick bend is shown in picture six.
Great instructable!
I've heard it called the diamond knot. On youtube, Tying It All Together has a video of it
Arleatir4 years ago
I tried to make this knot following your pictures... got it right to the 8th one but after you turn the knot I think and it's impossible to guess what you did.
tevers94 (author)  Arleatir4 years ago
This is a link to a video by Stormdrane, hope it helps.

It really does, thanks a lot.