Step 2: Lanyard Knots

You need to make two lanyard knots, one creating a loop, one ending the bracelet.  All of the instructions are shown through the pictures.
batonas4 years ago
put a monkey fist at the end of yors Cobra Weave, sould look nice.
adsandy5 years ago
What is this knot called?
tevers94 (author)  adsandy5 years ago
Well, a lanyard knot is all i have ever heard it referred to as. Sorry if this doesn't help
I have always heard this knot called a Diamond knot, only here have I heard it called a lanyard knot. It is a modified Carrick Bend. A complete Carrick bend is shown in picture six.
Great instructable!
I've heard it called the diamond knot. On youtube, Tying It All Together has a video of it
Arleatir4 years ago
I tried to make this knot following your pictures... got it right to the 8th one but after you turn the knot I think and it's impossible to guess what you did.
tevers94 (author)  Arleatir4 years ago
This is a link to a video by Stormdrane, hope it helps.

It really does, thanks a lot.