Step 3: Cobra Weave

Multi-colored instructions
Single colored instruction

-Tie the two colors together using a square knot or melt them together
-Put the piece behind the other piece with lanyard knots, equally on both sides (Square knot centered)
Create an "S" with the piece on the right and then take the piece on the left and slide it through the bottom part of the "S"  and then behind the middle and up through the left side.
-Pull tight and repeat.
-I recently saw the Paracord Survival Necklace in which there is a flint inside of the cobra weave.  That idea can be easily included in this as well.  Just place your flint steel in between the two lanyard knots and continue as if it weren't there.  If you make a longer key fob with the flint steel it can easily be considered a Survival Key Fob.

bpyke4 years ago
there is an issue with picture 5 in step 3. if you look closely at pic 5 it shows the blue forming a loop inside the green when it should actually encompass both of the green strings on the right side...slide under the main body and back into the bottom of the green on the left side
its a cool project, but "put the piece behind the other piece...." REALLY!!!! :-(
agreed.. the wording of this project is very unclear
Also I am not certain yet of what the point of showing the green and blue ends within each other, if that is what it is, in the third picture. What happens to that part? and where does the square knot end up?
cwix09 cwix094 years ago
ok I see where the square knot is supposed to go.. but in the eighth picture its loose ends just disappear. did you cut them off?
and if so.. where is the square knot itself?
tevers94 (author)  cwix094 years ago
In the 8th picture, I did cut off the short pieces from where I began and then melted them down. At the other end, the cobra weave comes back down over the part that was previously done.
tevers94 (author)  cwix094 years ago
Sorry about that, the third picture is just another way of staring it, by connecting the two pieces.
WerdNerf4 years ago
I really appreciate the project, but I've been fighting with this step for over an hour and I find it simply incomprehensible. Are the 4th and 5th photos possibly reversed? Is there an implied step between the 5th and 6th images?

Sorry I just can't manage to follow.
tevers94 (author)  WerdNerf4 years ago
Yeah, your right. The fourth image shows it after picture 5 and 6. Sorry for the confusion.
Monkeyboy134 years ago
It looks like a Solomon bar within a Solomon bar almost. Is that what this is essentially?
tevers94 (author)  Monkeyboy134 years ago
Thats exactly what it is, it's also sometimes called a "King Cobra Weave"