Introduction: Cordless Corner Lamp

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I needed to light my hallway without the need to make an electric installation :) and that what i came out with hope you will like it .

for the STL files you can find them here

Step 1: Let's Start !

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We start with soldering the positive and negative wires to the old cell phone battery.

Step 2:

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Then we solder the other end to the charger module B+ and B- .

Step 3:

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The charger module output OUT- goes direct to the led ground and the OUT+ goes to the switch middle pin then from the switch other end one wire goes to the 10K pot middle pin and then other wire goes from one of the 2 pot pins to the led + .

Step 4:

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What left is to set the battery and the charger module on place with help of some hot glow and charge the battery for less than an hour .


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