Cordless Drill Crank Charge Batteries





Introduction: Cordless Drill Crank Charge Batteries

Use any cordless drill as a crank charger for batteries! The basic idea is to use the drill as a crank charge generator, and regulate the voltage to charge 1.2-1.5 volt batteries.

I don't hold this as the be all, end all idea, only as a starting point for discussion and development of better ideas. I'm just showing you what I was able to do using the parts mentioned, but I'm pretty happy with the results, especially as we're about to get an ice storm here that will no doubt knock out our power for a bit.

A couple of notes: The trigger MUST be held down for this to work. The drill is in reverse setting and cranked in reverse.



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    Whoa NO! Only if it is a rechargeable battery can you charge it. Recharging a disposable battery can cause it to explode, leaving alkaline acid splattered everywhere. DO NOT attempt to charge a disposable battery for any reason.

    Whoa. Too funny. There is no such thing as alkaline acid!!!!!!!!! The two words Alkaline and Acid are polar opposites, and if you put them together they cancel each other out!!!!

    Replace the word Acid with Corrosive, and your statement is true as both acids and alkalies can be corrosive.

    Not without a 9V regulator. Plenty of amps, so it should work if you did that =)

    Excellent idea, but make sure it's a direct-power drill, not an electronic speed controlled one.

    DC drills have a permanent magnet motor, AC drills don't. you need a magnetic field to begin with for an AC drill to produce a current like this.

    what!? this can charge alkaline batteries!? :-D?

    Yes! As a matter of fact, Rayovac actually had a rechargeable Alkaline Battery charger at one time. The downside is you could only recharge about 20 times, and each time you got a little less than before.