I stripped the gearbox in my cordless drill that my mum gave me for xmas many years ago. I was going to throw it out  but I couldn't bare to waste two perfectly good batteries.  So I thought what can I do with them?  Brainwave make a spotllight with a low voltage down light.

Step 1: Things That I Used.

Materials - Cordless Drill and accessories 
                     Low voltage Downlight kit
                     LED Downlight 

Tools -        Soldering Iron           
                     Wire strippers or Pliers
                     Electrical Tape
                     1hr of your time
<p>Just a note to let you know I have added this to the collection: Cordless Drills Hacking for Other Uses !</p><p>&gt;&gt; https://www.instructables.com/id/Cordless-Drills-Hacking-for-Other-Uses/</p><p>Take a look at a bunch of project involving odd uses of drills.</p><p>and for even more drill info</p><p>&gt;&gt; https://www.instructables.com/id/Cordless-Drills-A-Collection-of-Collections/</p>
very nice
Muy buena idea, tengo un taladro que se le quebraron los engranes, esta es una magnifica solucion para seguir utilizandolo, saludos desde Guanajuato, M&Atilde;&copy;xico
did you use any resistors?
Yes the variable resister that came with the drill, known as the trigger. Lol
this is a fantastic idea, all i need now is to go shopping for a drill, lol
Thx. It's been going for 24 hrs now. It's not as bright after that time because of the nicad battery. If your going to buy a new drill for this project I would recommend the lithium ion battery. Then it will stay bright till the battery is fully discharged.
good job
Thanks for the share! You did a nice job describing your process.
Thankyou. It was instructables led competition that inspired me. Unfortunately I was to late to enter.

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