Picture of Cordless Drill Rechargable LED Spotlight
I stripped the gearbox in my cordless drill that my mum gave me for xmas many years ago. I was going to throw it out  but I couldn't bare to waste two perfectly good batteries.  So I thought what can I do with them?  Brainwave make a spotllight with a low voltage down light.

Step 1: Things that I used.

Picture of Things that I used.
Materials - Cordless Drill and accessories 
                     Low voltage Downlight kit
                     LED Downlight 

Tools -        Soldering Iron           
                     Wire strippers or Pliers
                     Electrical Tape
                     1hr of your time
russ_hensel6 months ago

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MOHD771 year ago
very nice
sdsh2 years ago
Muy buena idea, tengo un taladro que se le quebraron los engranes, esta es una magnifica solucion para seguir utilizandolo, saludos desde Guanajuato, México
tim_n2 years ago
did you use any resistors?
trott (author)  tim_n2 years ago
Yes the variable resister that came with the drill, known as the trigger. Lol
mammasboy2 years ago
this is a fantastic idea, all i need now is to go shopping for a drill, lol
trott (author)  mammasboy2 years ago
Thx. It's been going for 24 hrs now. It's not as bright after that time because of the nicad battery. If your going to buy a new drill for this project I would recommend the lithium ion battery. Then it will stay bright till the battery is fully discharged.
good job
Thanks for the share! You did a nice job describing your process.
trott (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
Thankyou. It was instructables led competition that inspired me. Unfortunately I was to late to enter.