We all love our cordless drills.  So much that making holes, screwing, and bolting are not enough.  So we look for other hacks that let us take pleasure in the power of rotation.  Many of these hacks either use the drill as a generator or as a nice small powerful motor.  The chuck, gears, and speed controller may also be of interest.   Some may be useful for a drill that has lost its full function.  So make a lathe, troll for fish, grind pepper and go nuts...  Hack away.  ( note: some of  these hacks may also be used with a corded drill)  If you are interested in keeping your cordless drill running see the guides:  Cordless Drill Repair - Add a Cord    and or  Cordless Drill Battery Maintenance .
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Just a quick hack, 30 seconds and then ready to use.
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Extract a powerful fairy low speed low voltage motor.
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Sanding glass is less than standard, but perhaps useful.
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Not a joke, this works.
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This hack only uses the battery.
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