We've all done it, regardless of wether or not we'd like to admit it. I'm talking about dancing in the privacy of your home (and sometimes with good reason), listening to your iPod with your brand new headphones. And while you're dancing, you throw up your arms, instantly disconnecting the headphones from the iPod, and stopping the fun. Your 200 hundred dollar headphones apparently won't let you listen to them while dancing. What a waste. But my friends, I have a 20-ish dollar fix. In this instructable, I'll teach you how to build your very own cordless headphones. Let's dive in.

P.S. I take no responsibility if you hurt yourself or break your headphones/iPods. Be careful!

Step 1: Materials

This is an easy, quick, and fun project to do. Here are the things you need:

- Overear Headphones: I recommend these; they're the best sounding for the lowest price, and because I used these for my project, I know they'll work (but no guarantees for other pairs, so be careful)
- iPod Shuffle
- Craft Foam

- Philips screwdrivers
- Hot glue gun
- Utility Knife
- Dremel (optional [you could use a utility knife], but very helpful- plus it looks better when use use a dremel)
- Soldering iron and solder
- Wire cutters
- Electrical and scotch tape
<p>That is awesome! But couldn't you just buy a Device that allows you to bluetooth to the headphones and just tape or hot glue the device. (device link here: http://amzn.to/29g9m5q ) Yours would probably look better though :)</p>
<p>very nice.. u did a gooood job</p>
I have those head phones LOL
<p>Creative idea.</p>
It wouldn't work with my iPod but I do like the idea<br/>
now this is awesome because its cordless and im just speechless because its so awesome i can't desribe how cool this is and thanks splazem
Wow, this is really neat. Looks like you've put a lot of thought into it :)
not technically called &quot;cordless&quot;, but very good job! Job well done!
I knew someone was going to say that! :) Here's my rehearsed reply: &quot;In a sense, yeah, you're right. But to the average person who sees them, it will appear as if they are cordless. Also, when wearing them, it feels like they are cordless. But I get your point, and thanks for comment.&quot;
Haha ya i understand your point! Nice instructable!
Thanks! :)
Awesome job!!!
Job well done, splaz! Voted!
Thank you!
Bloody brilliant. Well done. <br>
Thanks man, it means a lot.
Perfect for when I roll around!
Or roll! ( get it- &quot;Rock and roll&quot;)
How clever to hot glue the jack on the headphone!

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