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Introduction: Cordless Tool Charging Station

About: I'm a woodworker who makes fun woodworking projects on my wife's side of the garage!

Unlike many other drill charging stations, this one is designed to hold a whole combo set of cordless tools. It's made from one 2'x4' sheet of 3/4" plywood for less than $20. Watch my video to see how I made it, then follow the steps in this Instructable.

Click here to get the plans and more photos on my website.

Tools: Saw, Drill, Tape Measure, Square

Supplies: 3/4" Plywood 2'x4', Sandpaper, Spray Adhesive, 1-5/8" Screws, Mounting Hardware

Step 1: Rip the Plywood

Rip one 16" x 48" piece from the plywood. Rip the remaining piece in half lengthwise to make two pieces for the sides, which will be about 3.75" x 48" each.

Tool Tip - You can easily make this project with a circular saw or jigsaw using a straight edge or even just by following a straight line. Just be patient because it might take a little longer.

Step 2: Crosscut the Shelves

Crosscut the 16"x48" piece into shelves. I cut three 8"x16" shelves and two 10.5"x16" shelves. This left me with an off-cut of about 2.5"x16" that I could use as a mounting cleat.

Note: Measure your tools to determine how many shelves you need and how deep they need to be.

Step 3: Customize the Shelves

Make any additional cuts to customize the shelves to hold your tools. I cut a slot in the circular saw shelf for the blade to sit in. I made a cutout in the back of the charger shelf for power cables to pass through. I also cut slots to hold my drills. For a decorative touch, I cut a curve on the front edge of all of the shelves.

Tip - This is your chance to get creative with both form and function. Make it look cool!

Step 4: Assembly

Space the shelves out so the openings are big enough for your tools, then drill pilot holes and screw on the sides. Use a square to make sure everything is parallel and perpendicular.

Note: I did not use glue in case I want to move the shelves around in the future.

Step 5: Top It Off (Optional)

When I finished assembly, the top was just calling for a brace with my logo on it. I used my X-Carve to carve my logo into a 5"x16" board, then I painted the carving black and attached it for a brace. I think this was the cherry on top!

Step 6: Mount It and Fill It Up With Tools!

I used a small cutoff piece from the plywood to mount it on the wall. A French Cleat is a good idea for this project. It will hold a fair amount of weight for all of the tools and batteries.

I really like this design because the tools are visible from the sides and the front, unlike a box with full sides that would enclose them and be kind of dark inside. Looks sort of like a store display.

Thanks for looking at my Instructable project and I hope this gives you some ideas for organizing your cordless tools. ~ Steve...



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Looks great. Just something else you have created and I have to build. Sounds like I have the same drill problem as you...4 cordless & 2 wired. A man can never have too many tools. Happy building!

Outstanding! Gives me an idea for the limited cabinet space i have in my shop!

That's a great project - I will save it for my new workshop next coming next year.

But I have a question for you -- as a fellow bearded woodworker, WHERE did you get that amazing dust mask? (Assuming I am identifying the red thing correctly)

1 reply

That looks like the masks that are often called "motorcycle dust mask" if you're looking for other sources. The one from new2RZ might be better, I don't know.

I'd start on this right away, but my battery is dead.

Thanks for the information! I have one on order.

Now that's all kinds of Impressive Steve. You have made a very cool looking storage solution there. Very neat tidy and awesome looking.. Nice One, Thumbs up all the Way.. You have got my Vote :)

2 replies

Thank you very much! I like how you can see the tools from the sides instead of them being in a dark box.

Your very Welcome Steve. It's great to actually see the tools. I have mine in a box, But not anymore after seeing this, Cheers mate...

This looks great and perfectly handy!

You've got some great projects coming out of your little shop. I wish we were neighbors!

1 reply

But... You don't have enough drills... Only 4 :)

1 reply

I have one with a cord I don't use. I also have a B&D anniversary chrome one that is a collector thing. So actually 6. lol

Nice I like how neat looking it turned out . I was making one the other day but never thought of using the forstner bit rot the radius . I also ended up making a hammer holder the same way