Introduction: Core Drill Necklace

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I have wanted to make some wooden jewelry for a little while now.
I was recently given some narrow copper pipe and a sample of ebony and thought... I know what I can do with this :)

Step 1: Cutting

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I started by cutting a strip of ebony. To make sure it was square i used the with of the board to set the guide fence from the blade before making the cut.

Step 2: Drill

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I grabbed a drill bit which was the same with as my brass tube and made a hole in the square stock I had just cut.

Step 3: Stick

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I sanded the tube to get rid of anything on the tube which could interfere with it sticking to the wood and to create more grip on the surface for the glue.
I then added CA glue (super glue) to the drilled hole and the copper pipe and inserted the pipe in the hole.

Step 4: Cut the Pipe

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I used a Dremel rotary tool with a metal cutting disk to cut the copper pipe to length

Step 5: Turn It

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I put the stick with a hole in it on the lathe and held it in a chuck with pin jaws.
I then turned a long tear drop shape using a european grind bowl gouge. (I like this grind as it allows me to do a lot with just one tool)

Step 6: Mark It

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Using a pen I drew lines at equal distances along the tear drop. I then used the machine stops and the tool rest to draw horizontal lines on the tear drop shape resulting in an equal grid.
I then drew lines intersecting the corners of each square resulting in a spiral pattern.

This pattern would have been easier to see with a less figured wood.

Step 7: Carve It

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I used a round carving burl with the dremel rotary tool to carve a grove between the marked lines. I took my time and found ebony to be a fantastic wood for rotary carving.
I continued carving down into the support to liberate the pendant and used a finishing abrasive buff to prepare the surface ready for varnish.

Step 8: Varnish It

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I used nail varnish to achieve a glossy shiny finish, You might want to use wax or any other finish, I just wanted to experiment and had nail varnish to hand. It seems to give a good hard wearing finish.

Step 9: Enjoy

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Add your pendent to a necklace and enjoy. This one is going to my wife as she is fantastic and puts up with my love of spending free time in the workshop.


DinoD12 (author)2016-08-08

Nice work, elegant yet simple to complete. I like the way the ebony showed it's true colors.

bhavik zure (author)2016-07-26

nice project.

spiral carving come out very nicely.

Thank you. I have done a similar spiral in the past using a set of small files. the two methods are equally as good as each other. The key i think is to draw where the spiral should go first.

3366carlos (author)2016-07-26


:) thank you

Mad inventor made it! (author)2016-07-26

Core Drill as in TTGL?

I made a pair of those for me and a friend that went abroad to Japan. I used the drill-press as a lathe.

That is the one.. This is more an inspired by Gurren Lagann than a faithful replica. Yours looks fantastic. I'm constantly inspired to move into metal work when I see fantastic work like this.

Thanks! this was my first time doing something like this. I made it from a threaded rod. It was quite soft metal. I now remembered that I used an angle grinder to do the basic shaping, while it was spinning in the drill-press. Crazy stuff! It was quite fast to do that way, so I had the chance to do around 5-6 practice runs before doing the final ones. I also made it "inspired by", the real prop is quite large and bulky.
check this guy out!

Bloomin eck that is some nice work

seamster (author)2016-07-26

Very nice! I quite like the simply spiral carving. As always, well done!

Thank you :) Something like this has been in my head for a while I'm really happy with the results.

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